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38 episodes of Zhong Hanliang's version of new Tianlong: Qiaofeng Yelv Hongji bows to brother a Zi a

Qiao Feng saves the life of a Gu, the head of the Nuzhen clan, and when he attacks a Gu, Qiao Feng helps him with justice. He fights against his compatriots and captures Yelv Hongji, the leader of the Liao people. What happens when the chivalrous and tender Qiao Feng meets Yelv Hongji?

Introduction to episode 38 of Tianlong 8:

Yelv Hongji takes a group of Liao people to attack a Guta, but is captured alive by Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng takes Yelv Hongji back to the Nuzhen camp and interrogates Yelv Hongji's identity accompanied by a Guta. Yelv Hongji doesn't want to reveal his identity. Although Qiao Feng is highly skilled in martial arts, Yelv Hongji still doesn't show any fear.

When Qiao Feng saw that Yelv Hongji was so stubborn, he was angry and proposed to compete with Yelv Hongji outside the camp. A Gu Da heard that Qiao Feng wanted to compete with Yelv Hongji, for fear that Qiao Feng would hurt Yelv Hongji. If Yelv Hongji was injured, he could not ask Liao people for ransom. Qiao Feng doesn't plan to get a ransom. In order to frustrate Yelv Hongji, he takes Yelv Hongji out of the camp to compete despite the persuasion of a Gu.

Although yeluhongji was the commander of Liao army, he was good at leading battles, but he was not Qiao Feng's opponent when he fought alone. Qiao Feng defeated yeluhongji without showing any satisfaction. Instead, he let yeluhongji return to Liao camp.

Yelv Hongji didn't expect that Qiao Feng would let him go. In surprise, Yelv Hongji turned to leave and walked forward a few steps. Yelv Hongji turned around and said on the spot that he would give Qiao Feng ten times the ransom.

Originally, Yelv Hongji thought that Qiao Feng would be happy because of the ransom. Unexpectedly, Qiao Feng suddenly got angry and scolded Yelv Hongji for treating him as a greedy man. Seeing that Qiao Feng was angry, Yelv Hongji immediately realized that he had met a real hero. He gave up the idea of returning the ransom and hoped to become a brother with Qiao Feng.

Qiao Feng has always been a forthright person. He also appreciated Yelv Hongji very much. When he heard Yelv Hongji's proposal to become a brother, Qiao Feng was very glad. Without saying a word, he reported his age to show that he agreed to be a brother with Yelv Hongji. Yelv Hongji saw that Qiao Feng had reported his age, and quickly told his own age. As big Qiao Feng was a teenager, Yelv Hongji naturally became a brother I'm Qiao Feng's big brother.

Qiao Feng said goodbye to Yelv Hongji and returned to ah Zi. That night, he and ah Zi sat on a stone and looked at the bright moon in the night sky. In order to realize Zhu's wish before he died, Qiao Feng said on the spot that he would take good care of ah Zi for a lifetime. Ah Zi leaned on Qiao Feng's shoulder and looked at the bright moon happily.

The next morning, they rode on the snow. They didn't go far along the snow road. There were some barracks in front of them. Qiao Feng saw that the barracks belonged to Liao people's camp. In order not to cause trouble, Qiao Feng planned to go another way. As a result, a Zi found one of Yelv Hongji's men, and his men went forward to say hello to Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng learned that Yelv Hongji was also in the camp, so he rushed to the camp Lu Hongji's men led him to the Liao camp.

Yelv Hongji warmly entertains Qiao Feng, and they get along very well in the camp. Soon after Liao rebellion, Qiao Feng accompanies Yelv Hongji to the battlefield to confront the enemy. In order to frustrate Yelv Hongji's decisive battle heart, the enemy forces pull Yelv Hongji's family to the battlefield to serve their sentence. Yelv Hongji sees that the whole family falls into the enemy's hands and kneels to the ground in grief I'm sorry to my family.