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TV drama dancing with wolves episode 11: Chen Shaojie, Liang cherry, getting closer, irritating Qiao

Dance with wolves episode 11

Qu peitong praised the general assembly for being poisoned and hospitalized. Soon after he recovered and returned to the headquarters, he learned that Liang cherry was also in the headquarters. Qu peitong immediately asked Qiao Yan and others to take him to the prison to visit Liang cherry.

Liang cherry is very happy to see Qu peitong come. Qu peitong also confirms that Liang cherry is indeed Professor Fang's assistant. Thinking that Liang cherry is a returned weapon expert from abroad, Qu peitong immediately proposes to arrange Liang cherry in the weapon Department of the headquarters, so that Liang cherry can give full play to her personal advantages to serve the army.

As it happens, Chen Shaojie is the strength of the weapons department. Qu peitong immediately proposes to let Liang cherry work with Chen Shaojie. Without waiting for Chen Shaojie to make a statement, Liang cherry is already happy. If she wants to shake hands with Chen Shaojie, Qiao Yan, who is on one side, is very hostile to Liang cherry. When she sees that Liang cherry is going to become a colleague with Chen Shaojie, Qiao Yan is angry and quarrels with Liang cherry. Because Liang cherry is so threatening, Qiao Yan is very angry Qiao Yan leaves the prison in a hurry. When Chen Shaojie and others see Qiao Yan leave, they quickly follow her out. When Liang cherry wants to chase her out, Feng Shanshan stands at the door of the cell and blocks her way. Although she is blocked, Liang cherry claims to be a colleague with Feng Shanshan in the future. Feng Shanshan is as hostile to Liang cherry as Qiao Yan. After hearing Liang cherry's words, she is not afraid He said politely that he didn't want to be a colleague with Liang cherry.

Not long later, Liang cherry gets out of prison and finds several helpers to move her desk to Chen Shaojie's office. When Chen Shaojie sees someone moving her desk in the office, she is surprised and asks why. Liang cherry comes to Chen Shaojie elated and claims that she will work with Chen Shaojie in the office in the future. Qiao Yan comes in while they are talking and sees Liang cherry leaning close to Chen Shaojie Chatting, Qiao Yan angrily asked why Liang cherry appeared in the office.

Shen Yaozu called all his subordinates together and gave them ideological lessons. He hoped that they would fight against the Communist army. After finishing his heart, Shen Yaozu ordered his subordinates to send out military uniforms and weapons. Liu Zifeng came over and proposed to ask for change 33 for help. Shen Yaozu already knew about the disclosure of identity in zero 33. He suggested that Liu Zifeng dress up as a communist army and go to a grain base Stay on the mission.

Liang cherry comes to team leader Zhao and mentions Qiao Yan in front of team leader Zhao. After listening to Liang cherry, team leader Zhao knows that Qiao Yan has always hated Liang cherry. Without waiting for team leader Zhao to make a statement, Qiao Yan suddenly walks into the office. Liang cherry sees Qiao Yan enter the room and leaves immediately. Team leader Zhao takes the opportunity to admonish Qiao Yan not to be hostile to Liang cherry in the future.

Liu Zifeng and others disguised as the people's Liberation Army (PLA) crossed a communist checkpoint. On the way to their destination, they met an old and young family. Because they found out the true identity of the Kuomintang, Liu Zifeng ordered his men to kidnap an old and young family. Then they came to a new Communist base and captured the soldiers.

Liu Zifeng occupies the Communist army base and intends to assassinate Chen Shaojie. Chen Shaojie is lying in his room to recuperate. Qiao Yan sends food to Chen Shaojie. Chen Shaojie has no appetite and doesn't want to eat.