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Is Zhao Dongfang an undercover? Why is Zhao Dongfang always against Chen Shaojie?

I'm Zhao Yunming, a scientist who appears in the lover Island Resort in the fire phoenix of special forces? In order to protect the state's confidential information, he was broken two fingers by the leader of the black action group with a sharp weapon, and finally bowed to the terrorists. He also appeared in the latest drama dancing with Wolves 2. He played Zhao Dongfang, the leader of the Communist Party investigation team. He fought against Chen Shaojie everywhere, and his confidential information was accidentally leaked many times, which aroused Chen Shaojie's suspicion of this man. So is Zhao Dongfang an undercover?

Is Zhao Dongfang an enemy spy?

Guess one (Zhao Dongfang is an enemy spy): the reason why Zhao Dongfang, Captain Zhao, has been fighting Chen Shaojie is that he is a very deep enemy spy hidden in the Communist Party. He revealed a lot of important confidential information and pretended to be principled. He had to report everything to him. After the report, there was no secret.

Guess 2: the reason why Zhao Dongfang confronts Chen Shaojie everywhere is to let Chen Shaojie successfully break into the enemy and continue to do the latent task. It's just that Chen Shaojie doesn't know. Later, he understands what Zhao Dongfang has done.

Guess 3: Chen Shaojie was a police officer of the enemy Investigation Department of the southwest bandit suppression team at the beginning. It seems that he was not valued by the superior leadership, but was also suspected to be an undercover agent of the enemy. In fact, he colluded with the leadership to perform a good play, and successfully broke into the enemy again.