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The plot of 17 episodes of TV series "bloody island": Fujiwara Fumiko's crazy arrest of Fang Junya:

Bloodthirsty Island Episode 17

As expected, Fang Junya stealthily returns home, takes the memorial and prepares to leave. In the alley at the door, Junya sees her partner Yingge arrested again, but the person they are looking for is herself. Junya can't bear to see the child arrested by mistake again. She admits that she is the one they are looking for. Nite, who knows the truth, catches the two children in the car at the same time. Xie Chunhua, who arrives at this time, stops her In front of the car, but it's too late.

When Mack learns that Chunhua's mother and daughter are missing, he and Hongye are anxious to find them separately. Fujiwara is satisfied with the children who are captured again. After checking and testing, these children are the ones with super skills on the list of emperor baby. Fang Junya, who has unique ability of climbing and jumping at high altitude and excellent accident instinct, attracts Fujiwara's attention.

Fujiwara shizuko secretly observes that Fang Junya is a personality child who is not easy to be brainwashed. She decides to meet the mother of this gifted child for a while. Faced with Fujiwara Fumiko's threat, Xie Chunhua calmly faces it, but she is still afraid of one thing in her heart, that is, whether her daughter can survive the disaster safely.

Hongye finds Hai Renjie and hopes that Hai can help him find him, but then comes another case of the disappearance of a child named LV zewen from a church school. Fujiwara tames Fang Junya through her little friend Yingge. She takes Fang Junya, who seems tame, to see Xie Chunhua. Xie Chunhua uses the gap to let Fang Junya escape by climbing and jumping in the air and then go to find Mack. However, she kills herself with calm heart.