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Love apartment 4 Episode 6 how to answer the question of Huahua? What is the correct answer?

In the sixth episode of love apartment 4, there is a little character Huahua. She has a question and answer. How to answer this question? The following is the editor of Sihai plot net to announce the answer process for you.


In a pool of 100 cubic meters, it takes six hours for pipe a to fill the water inlet and ten hours for pipe B to drain. Q: how many hours can AB run at the same time to make the pool full?

Solution 1

100 cubic meters, 100 tons of water, a discharge to 6h, that is 360m, that is, about 0.28 cubic meters of inflow per minute. B tube row 100 cubic meters, 10 hours, 0.17 cubic meters per minute, 0.28-0.17 = 0.11.

Therefore, when AB pipe is working at the same time, the water inflow is 0.11 cubic meters per minute, 100 divided by 0.11 is about 909.09, 909.09 divided by 60 is about 15.1515, and rounding is about 15 hours. But the actual time should be between 15 hours 06 minutes 33 seconds plus or minus 2 seconds.

Solution 2