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Did the TV series red leaf finally find out the truth of her life experience? Who does Hongye like?

All the female killers in the play are hot-blooded girls. They are not afraid of gunfire and devote themselves to their mission and responsibility. The role of red leaf in the play has left a deep impression on the audience. What is the ending of Hongye? Who does Hongye like in the play?

Hongye's life experience, character introduction and ending

The female secret service team leader is good at fighting, shooting and password decoding. She is silent and cool in appearance, and has a strong sense of love and righteousness in her heart. She likes to be with the instructor Mack, but she can't love calmly because of the turbulent times and her own mission. The tattoo on Hongye's body is the key to find her life experience. During the duel between Xunzi and Hongye, both sides show tattoos. They found out the truth of their fate at this time, after she and Xunzi turned out to be a pair of close sisters, both of whom were Su Yi, the eldest of jiudaomen. In order to get the treasure, Fujiwara killed Su Yi and captured his two daughters. Before he discovered the secret of tattoo, the eldest red leaf escaped from him.

Hongye tries her best to save Xunzi's soul, but at this time Xunzi is possessed and completely controlled by Fujiwara. Red leaves hurt fumigation son, but almost by Fujiwara plot. At the critical moment, Mack rushed in, killed Fujiwara Hao and rescued the seriously injured red leaf. When Xunzi wants to plot against the unsuspecting Mack. Hongye uses her last strength to kill Xunzi, and finally joins the New Fourth Army with her sisters