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Love apartment 4 Episode 7 full story: Xiaoxian Nuolan Yifei falls in love with Zhang Wei

Love apartment 4 Episode 7

Guan Gu and youyou have a very small wedding venue, and Guan Gu didn't inform his parents. Xiaoxian tells everyone that he and Nuolan are together. Ziqiao understands that he doesn't want to go to the door. It's treacherous. Xiaoxian tells us about the advantages of Nuolan. She is more gentle, considerate and active than Yifei. Suddenly Yifei appears. Xiaoxian is too scared to speak. Yifei just smiles to congratulate Xiaoxian. Xiaoxian starts to count the advantages of Yifei in order to make it through. He says that Yifei is domineering and straightforward. At this time, Nuolan appears, and Xiaoxian offends others again.

Yifei offers to invite you to dinner. She's going to work in the United States for a while. Please take care of Xiaoxian. Yifei didn't want to go at first, but later agreed and offered to cook egg fried rice for Nuolan. Zhang Wei and Weiwei chat on Weibo, and Weiwei is also very impressed with Zhang Wei. Youyou wants Guan Gu to persuade his parents to attend the wedding, hoping to get the blessing of his family. Guan Gu says that he fell out with his father, and his father can't appear. Youyou finds Guan Gu's father's mailbox and makes a video call with him. Guan Gu's father likes youyou very much. Weiwei's Micro blog is actually disguised by ziqiao and Meijia. They play Zhang Wei to death.

Xiaoxian and Nuolan go to Yifei's house to eat fried rice with eggs. Yifei drinks a lot of wine. Yifei quarrels about going out to buy takeout. Nuolan accompanies her. When they are alone, Nuolan asks if she likes Xiaoxian. Yifei finally admits it, but she says she will forget the relationship. The relationship between Guan Gu's father and Guan Gu has been eased by youyou's efforts. Guan Gu's father agrees to their marriage and agrees to take Guan Gu's mother to the wedding. Zhang Wei, reminded by teacher Zeng, finds Meijia and ziqiao playing with him. He deliberately lets ziqiao soak Meijia's mobile phone in beer, and Meijia beats ziqiao. Finally, Zhang Wei finally gets in touch with Weiwei, and their relationship develops by leaps and bounds. However, because they are both lawyers and have taken over the same case, Weiwei proposes not to meet for the time being in order to avoid suspicion.