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What are Hu Yifei's classic lines?

Love apartment is a funny youth series. Of course, the humorous acting skills and classic lines of the stars are the biggest highlights of the play. So the following four seas network for you to sort out the love apartment 4 inside the funny lines.

Wonderful lines of love apartment 4:

1. Zhanbo: "elder sister, if someone hurts you deeply, how can you forgive him?" Yifei: "Oh, it's God's business to forgive him. My task is to send him to see God!"

2. Ziqiao: 'let's make it five. 'meijia: 'wait a minute, let's talk about it first. Who's five? "

3. Uncle: 'who's calling 110?' Guan Gu: 'it's the takeout I ordered. '

4. Zhanbo: 'I want a treasure map, you give me a map, ah? Is this a map of the world? "

5. Psychiatrist: 'you're wearing a green hat again. It seems that your greening is good.'

6. Traffic * *: 'a BMW is coming towards you at 280 yards, followed by a Mercedes Benz. Slow down, followed by a tractor. The tractor is more powerful, and the left lane change light is on. He wants to overtake! "

7. Audience: 'I eat pancakes and beer, wonton and camphor balls. I beat flies and beat my hands on nails. I went to qingsongguan to burn incense. My mobile phone fell into the merit box and couldn't be taken out. '

8. Ziqiao: 'my melancholy history begins at the age of 8: at that time, the sky was still blue, the water was green, chickens and ducks were free of avian flu, pork was safe to eat, at that time, photos needed to be dressed, debts needed to be paid back, mother-in-law's daughter didn't want your house, and the child's father was also clear. '

9. Radio host: 'just now a listener called to say to his girlfriend, I'm sorry, I lost your mother during my trip to Antarctica last year. I hope you can forgive me. And she ordered a song of Sun Nan's you come back soon. '

10. Want to seize the tail of youth, but youth is a gecko.

11. If no one holds hands, I'll take it.

12. You take your overpass, I cross my underpass.

13. My hobbies can be divided into static and dynamic, static is sleeping, dynamic is turning over & hellip;

14. The so-called beauty is mostly the slave of cosmetics.

15. I'm not Mona Lisa. I don't smile at everyone.

16. Brother smoking is because it hurt the lung, not sad!

17. No loneliness, who accompany me.

18. Believe it or not, I slap you on the wall. I can't pick you out!

19. A lover who can be robbed is not a lover.

20. If you are a flower, the cattle will not dare to shit in the future