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Love apartment 4: the contrast of love standards between inside and outside of the main play Lou Yix

Love apartment 4 has been a hit. The feelings of the eight leading actors in the play have made new breakthroughs, and the feelings of the lovers have also had results. However, the hot love men and women on the screen caused the audience and fans to speculate about their feelings outside the play. Chen he, Lou Yixiao and Wang Chuanjun also revealed their ideal lovers in the interview program.

The TV series "love apartment 4" is on the air on four satellite TV stations. Recently, Chen he, Lou Yixiao, Deng Jiajia, Wang Chuanjun and Li Jiahang, the leading actors of the play, visited Netease Entertainment chat room to chat about the stories in front of and behind the stage. As for the emotional trend of the characters that fans are most concerned about, although the creators are not willing to do too many dramatists on the specific details, Chen he still makes a promise: "this season, our feelings of each pair will be greatly improved. '

Emotional trend

Although there are many characters in love apartment, their pairing is clear. At the end of last season, youyou was proposed by Guan Gu, but it is said that their relationship will go through some twists and turns. In addition to Hu Ge's role as the 'third party', which was disclosed earlier, Deng Jiajia also jokingly asked Wang Chuanjun: 'why is there a scene of you being close to Meijia in pianhua?' "Wang Chuanjun explained: 'I've been kissing a lot of people. '

In contrast, the progress of another official couple, Fei Xiaoxian, has made many viewers anxious. In the trailer, Xiaoxian's sentence 'I'm full of you' makes many people begin to look forward to whether there will be a breakthrough in their relationship this season. For this issue, Lou Yixiao is still evasive, saying 'I'll be like that after he's like that, I'll be like that after the two of them are like that, and after that, he'll be like that again, but he can't do anything about it'. In the end, Chen he came forward to assure the audience: 'every couple's feelings this season have been greatly improved, including Yifei, everyone has a great and wonderful feeling Big push. '

In the play, the feelings are clear, but outside the play, except for Chen he, other people are still unmarried. Will their ideal partner be the same as in the play? To this end, Wang Chuanjun gave a positive answer: "it's good to be like youyou. "No, Deng Jiajia pointed to him and said," I don't want you like this. Instead, I want to be able to get up high and take care of my friends. ". Lou Yixiao says that there is always a gap between the real self and the role: 'Hu Yifei is a psychopath. I'm sure I can't get married in my life. There are not so many Zeng Xiaoxian in my real life. 'she revealed that her first criterion for choosing a boyfriend is' handsome ':' I'm a Beauty Association. I like handsome guys, so tacky. But the smart one is romantic. I'm a perfectionist for feelings. And Li Jiahang's standards are more traditional: "smart, virtuous and kind.". '