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Plot introduction of 11 episodes of TV drama "bloody island": red leaf makes bitter meat plan to ext

Introduction to episode 11

Jia six picked up a life, and then began to cheat, the secret service team to send themselves to Chongqing is willing to say he knows the contents of the list.

Hongye emissary plans to unite Xiaoqing and LANLIAN to perform a bitter meat plan of revenge. Jia Liu is so scared that he finally confesses.

The next key to winning the counterfeit currency war is to get the list of Japanese merchants. Red leaf in Mack's instigation, began to arrange the deployment of the action to win the banker gumeimenyinglang, after her research and discussion with the team members, they agreed that gumeimenyinglang's only son Xiusi is the breakthrough of this action.

Red leaves sent the experienced dove to approach Xiusi. Fujiwara Fumiko, who failed to kill Jia Liu by mistake, is not reconciled. She quickly finds gumeimenyinglang and hopes that the other party will cooperate with Mei organ and accept her strict protection. Gu meimenyinglang can't stand Xunzi's domineering style, and doesn't want to be monitored. He refuses to cooperate because he is a member of the government. For Fumiko and her father Fujiwara Hao, those who can't cooperate should be cleaned up immediately. Once gumeimen yinglang falls into the enemy's hands, waiting for him is the execution of his own people.

Xiaoqing goes to see ah Hei, who is unhappy because he failed to avenge his adoptive father, and tells him what happened before he and his sisters became agents. Ah Hei sighs and is deeply moved. He vows to try his best to help Xiao Qing's work in the future and shows his love for Xiao Qing.