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How many episodes are there in total? Plot highlights of Episode 10: Mike Hongye's emotional interac

How many episodes are there in total?

Number of episodes: 43

The story of Episode 10

After returning from Nanjing, Mack has been recuperating in the home of a Russian woman named Sonya, who is the orphan of the Russian Communist Party and usually takes care of some liaison work for him. Sonya is attached to Mack and adores him. He is simple and straightforward, and often speaks amazing words, which makes Mack and Hongye, who come to report their work, feel embarrassed, but also promotes the emotional interaction between Mack and Hongye.

On the day of the exhibition, Xiaoqing and ah Hei went into the exhibition hall together, with red leaves, white pigeons and others covering in several ways. Several people jointly staged a good play of striking the West with the East, creating a smoke bomb that someone wanted to steal 'Yongle seven pots', and then taking advantage of the chaos, they stole the Tang Dynasty night pot. Fujiwara fumigation also secretly arrived, and found the figure of red leaf in the crowd, the two women meet again! At a critical moment, fortunately Hai Renjie appeared in time, red leaf got rid of fumigation, and successfully evacuated with the team members. However, when Hongye returned to the bank, she found that Xiaoqing, who stole the pot, didn't come back. Xiaoqing seems to have kept a secret from everyone.

Xiaoqing and ah Hei find Jia Liu through the middleman and tie him up in his hiding place. It turns out that a few years ago, Jia Liu and their adoptive father Liu Wanlong fought for treasure and eventually killed Liu Wanlong, so Jia Liu was their mortal enemy. Just when they wanted to kill Jia Liu to avenge their adoptive father, Xunzi and Hongye came here one after another. Xunzi's purpose was also to kill Jia Liu to prevent the information leakage of counterfeit currency circulation channels. At the critical moment, Xiaoqing's reason overcomes emotion, and under the rescue cover of Hongye and others, takes Jia Liu back to the bank.