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Who is the traitor in the end? Old Wu Heiwa? How does he Futang solve the problem of traitors?

After he Futang was jailed, the atmosphere of Fenglei town became worse and worse, and the gold bar sent by Charlie was also missing. So who embezzled the wealth? Heiwa, Laiyun, what is the final outcome of the old wutie triangle brothers?

When he Futang came back to Fenglei town from prison, he found that Fenglei town was no longer what it looked like. He locked up Lao Wu, Lai Yun, Heiwa and sun Jianjun and gave them the last time to think about who the traitor was. As long as he told the truth, he could forgive himself, but it didn't work out. Later, Heiwa found the new boss badge in Heiwa's box. Heiwa said that he was wronged. Laiyun killed Heiwa in a hurry. After his brother died, he Futang grew old all night. Later, when he cleaned up Cheng Lixue's things, he found that Lao Wu betrayed him and he Futang drove him away.

So Lao Wu betrayed he Fu Tang, and Lai Yun was used. Heiwa was a ghost for death.