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Love apartment 4 Episode 2 plot highlights: Hu Yifei sees a psychiatrist, Meijia hospital, pregnancy

Love apartment 4 has been broadcast. Hu Yifei is sent to the psychiatric hospital. Meijia and Tang youYou are in the hospital to accompany Hu Yifei. Where is Xiaoxian at this time? Will he get angry for Hu Yifei?

Love apartment 4 Episode 2

Hu Yifei is unstable and often angry. In order to check whether there is something wrong with her psychology, Hu Yifei specially comes to a clinic run by a psychologist to check her psychology.

The psychiatrist asked Hu Yifei to sit at the table and begin to ask questions. Hu Yifei thought he came to the hospital with a smile. He regarded the psychiatrist as a doctor for treating physical diseases and said a lot of words about health.

When the doctor who examined Hu Yifei's psychological problems saw that Hu Yifei was distracted and could not laugh or cry, he reminded her that Hu Yifei might not be able to teach her students because of her psychological problems when she was a teacher in school. Hu Yifei immediately recovered and was wronged to think that some naughty students had caused her mental illness.

Seeing that Hu Yifei couldn't find any valuable information, the psychologist had to take out his business card and give it to Hu Yifei, hoping that Hu Yifei would come back to the clinic to check his psychological problems another day.

Hu Yifei left the psychological clinic and went back to school to ask a student for his homework. The student didn't finish his homework. He found all kinds of reasons to call it a dream. He wrote his homework in a dream. When he woke up, he found that it was just a dream. Hu Yifei couldn't laugh or cry after listening to the students' words, but the student was naive. He revealed that in addition to having a dream, he also listened to a teacher named moon A radio program representing my heart.

When Hu Yifei came home, he remembered the students' words and turned on the radio to listen to the program that the moon represents my heart. The magnetic voices of Zeng Xiaoxian and Nuolan came from the radio. Just when Hu Yifei listened very carefully, the students she taught during the day talked with Zeng Xiaoxian through the radio, revealing that they were scolded by the teacher during the day and were given more homework.

Tang youyou brings Meijia to the hospital to have a physical examination. Meijia thinks that there will be a lot of trouble when she wants to have a blood test, so she turns around and wants to leave the hospital. Tang youyou refuses to let Meijia leave, and forcibly takes Meijia to the medical room where she has a physical examination. As a result, the two women are almost scared to death by Liu Yisheng who suddenly appears.

It was only after the appearance of the handsome and extraordinary Sima Jian that Meijia and Tang youyou were relieved. They sat in front of Sima Jian for questioning.

Sima Jian didn't know who was coming for the physical examination, so she asked Meijia if she was pregnant with a child. Because Meijia had a good feeling for Sima Jian, she quickly lied that she was accompanying Tang youyou to the hospital for physical examination. When Tang youyou sees Meijia's nonsense, she almost tells the truth. When Meijia sees that the situation is not right, she pulls Tang youyou out of the interrogation room and asks Tang youyou to cooperate with her to get a handsome guy.

Sima Jian comes to the restaurant for entertainment and meets Guan Gu. Because he misunderstands Meijia as Guan Gu's girlfriend, Sima Jian comes forward and accuses Guan Gu of being irresponsible for making Meijia's stomach big. Guan Gu is wronged and quickly explains.