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Dance with wolves episode 3 Preview: can Chen Shaojie successfully obtain confidential information?

Dance with wolves episode 3

Chen Shaojie and Qiao Yan come back safely and discuss the things before. When they think of Shen Yaozu's request to check other people's wounds after ye Wen was killed, Chen Shaojie exclaims that Shen Yaozu is a thoughtful person.

Qiao Yan is curious about the gun fight between Chen Shaojie and ye Wen in the corridor. He asks why Chen Shaojie was not hit by Ye Wen at that time. Seeing that Qiao Yan asked about the gun fight in the corridor, Chen Shaojie immediately shows a mysterious smile on his face and reveals that there was a tin wine pot in his left chest. When ye Wen shot a pistol bullet on the tin wine pot, because the pot was very hard, his hand was very hard The bullet did not break through the wine bottle and entered Chen Shaojie's body.

After listening to Chen Shaojie's words, Qiao Yan suddenly realizes that ye Wen has discovered that Chen Shaojie is a spy. Qiao Yan is worried and proposes to go to the hospital immediately to get rid of Ye Wen. Chen Shaojie doesn't agree with Qiao Yan's proposal. In Qiao Yan's suspicious eyes, Chen Shaojie reveals that most of the team will be killed in Xichang in about three days. At that time, even if ye Wen tells Shen Yaozu the truth, Shen Yaozu can't help it He was killed.

Considering that Professor Fang's assistant is still serving a sentence in Xichang prison, Chen Shaojie decides to go to the prison to rescue Professor Fang's assistant. Qiao Yan supports Chen Shaojie's plan very much and takes the initiative to bring the topographic map of the prison, so that Chen Shaojie can enter the prison more smoothly to save people.

After a while, Qiao Yan finds the topographic map of the prison. Chen Shaojie and Qiao Yan secretly meet with Huangshan and Lao Zheng. After the four talk about the rescue plan, Lao Zheng looks worried and mentions that the prison is heavily guarded. Qiao Yan doesn't agree with Lao Zheng's view. She puts the map on the table and points out a gap in the map. When the gap is opened, she can successfully escape.

With nothing to do, Liu Zifeng blindfolded the prisoners in the prison and summoned them to the playground. When all the prisoners stood still, Liu Zifeng put two machine guns on the iron bars, aimed at the prisoners and pulled the trigger. After the gunshot, many prisoners fell to the ground, but a man with short-sighted glasses was not shot.

Liu Zifeng see glasses man lucky escape, immediately came to the playground interrogation glasses man, ask glasses man to provide some valuable information.

Chen Shaojie, Qiao Yan and others come to the peace hotel to discuss the plan of prison break. Liu Zifeng takes his men to the peace hotel and looks up at the big words at the door of the hotel. Liu Zifeng takes his men to enter the peace hotel.

Chen Shaojie and others have already discussed the plan of breaking the prison. Just as they are about to leave the room, they suddenly hear something outside the door. Immediately, they are suspicious and take out their pistols. Liu Zifeng rushes in with his men. There is a bloody battle between the two sides. Lao Zheng and Huang Shan are arrested.

Chen Shaojie and Qiao Yan, who are lucky enough to escape, continue to carry out the plan of prison break. They bring more than ten accomplices into the prison and rescue Huangshan and others. As the enemy set fire to the prison, Chen Shaojie is in a hurry and remembers a scene of checking the prison map with Qiao Yan. At that time, Qiao Yan pointed out that there was a breakthrough on the prison map. After recalling what Qiao Yan said, Chen Shaojie quickly takes the others with him To the secret breach.