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Love apartment 4 Episode 1 Episode 2 plot Preview: Hu Yifei's domineering debut, jealous and mad

The youth hilarious sitcom "love apartment 4" will finally lift the veil of mystery. Today, the first and second episodes of the film are announced. Hu Yifei, a violent woman doctor played by Lou Yixiao, finally returns to the screen.

Since its broadcast, the love apartment series has received numerous fans, and its hilarious plot has made it an annual decompression drama that is highly anticipated by the audience. Now, after a year of production, "love apartment 4" is finally coming out, and Lou Yixiao's "violent elder sister" is finally "domineering". However, judging from the preview of the first episode and the second episode, it seems that the "violent imperial sister" has encountered a lot of troubles. I wonder if it was because of Nuolan's kiss with Zeng Xiaoxian that Yifei got angry in class and was admitted to a mental hospital?