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Who is he Futang, the hero of the TV drama generation, investigating the traitor who embezzles gold

During he Futang's imprisonment, the whereabouts of the gold bar sent by Charlie are unknown. When he Futang went back to Fenglei town to investigate the whereabouts of the gold bars, the iron brothers Lao Wu, Lai Yun and Heiwa tried to get rid of each other and made it clear that they were not the ones who embezzled the gold bars. So who was the real traitor who embezzled the gold bars? What will happen to him?

Who is the traitor? Lao Wu is the traitor

Since he Futang was sentenced to no life, Fenglei town has declined because none of the three brothers can manage it. Heiwa opened a brothel and gambling house, which accelerated the decline of Fenglei town. Later, Lao Wu hid the gold bar sent by Charlie and wanted to stay behind. When he was investigating the traitor, Lai Yun was impatient and killed Heiwa. Wei Zhengxian wanted to blow up Fenglei town and was stopped by the seventh master. Wei Zhengxian finally wanted to kill he Futang and was killed by Lao Chu. All his brothers broke up. In the end, he Fu Tang took refuge in the Communist Party, and the traitor was Lao Wu. At that time, the KMT forced Fuyou bank to buy 600W treasury bonds, but they didn't pay them back. Over the years, Charlie quietly saved 800 gold bars, left some of them by himself, and sent the rest to Lao Wu. When the Communist Party came to collect them, he Futang sorted out the last things, saw the letter Charlie wrote to him, and Lao Wu finally appeared;