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What's the final outcome of the TV drama generation? What's the brotherhood between he Futang and ol

He Futang was agreed by the warden from prison to return to Fenglei town temporarily. Will he return to prison to continue to serve his sentence in the grand finale? He investigates the whereabouts of the gold bars. What's the result? Who is the person hiding the gold bars? Wei Zhengxian repeatedly tries to find opportunities to end he Futang's life. What's the final outcome of he Futang?

Hu Qiankuan urges he Futang to go back to prison to continue serving his sentence. He Futang doesn't agree with Hu Qiankuan's request. Hu Qiankuan hangs up the phone and originally planned to go to Fenglei town to capture he Futang. As a result, his superior ordered a dinner party to besiege the Communist Party of central China. Hu Qiankuan puts the overall situation first and temporarily abandons he Futang's business. Wei Zhengxian called he Futang when the Kuomintang and the Communist Party opened fire, claiming that he would send artillery to bomb Fenglei town. In panic, he went to the street to give a warning to the people. Finally, he fell to the ground exhausted and couldn't walk any more.

Fenglei town was not bombed. Zou Qi called he Futang and revealed that he had sent troops to drive away the Kuomintang artillery regiment. When he heard that Zou Qi had helped, he agreed to surrender to the Communist Party. Zou Qi sent Cailing, who became the PLA, to Fenglei town to accept he Futang's surrender. Afterwards, Cailing had a private conversation with he Futang and told him about her daughter's work as a teacher in Sichuan. Huaqiao learned that Heiwa was dead. In grief, she went down to Heiwa's grave under the guidance of he Futang. When the KMT's general situation is over, Ouyang Rong looks sad and sits in his office preparing for evacuation with his subordinates. During this period, two of his subordinates intend to escape. Wei Zheng first raises a pistol and kills the runaway on the spot.

He Futang finds a letter written by Charlie. In the letter, Charlie reveals that he did send gold bars to Fenglei town. In order to hide the gold bars, he specially hid them in a very hidden place. In order to let Lao Wu know where the gold bars were hidden, Charlie specially told Lao Wu in the letter. Lao Wu saw that the matter was revealed, so he had to sit in the hall with he Futang and Lai Yun and explain the reason why he swallowed the gold bars that year Come out. He Futang didn't kill Lao Wu, but let Lai carry him away. Many years later, he Fu Tang became a teacher in the school and spent the rest of his life in peace