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The plot of 43 episodes of the TV series "Xiaoxiong": Heiwa, Lao wulaiyun and his brothers turn agai

Cheng Lixue is poisoned by Wei Zhengxian and is seriously ill. When he Futang learns about it in prison, he moves the warden with emotion and returns to Fenglei town to catch up with Cheng Lixue for the last time. But when Cheng Lixue sees he Futang's sudden death in his arms, he Futang is devastated and determined to investigate the backstage of the gold bar selling incident. Of course, the brothers such as Laiyun old Wu Heiwa are inevitably included in the object of suspicion, but all the evidence points to Heiwa, so what's the life and death of Heiwa? Can he Futang find the real behind the scenes?

Episode 43

Xing'er thinks that there is no one else in the process of receiving the goods. Lao Wu is the only one who is receiving the goods and takes them back to Fenglei town bank. Lao Wu is not allowed to check the gold bars in the goods. Later, the whole family of xing'er was very worried. When Lao Wu left the bank, he came to the vault to check the gold bars. As a result, he opened the box and found that there were all water pipes inside. After all four people have been interrogated, he Futang still can't find out who swallowed the gold bar. Because the truth will not come to the surface for a while, he Futang orders his subordinates to put all four people in one cell. In order to let the real black hands of the four lie in the law, he Futang looks at the four people when he leaves the cell and declares that if no one confesses, he will kill all four people at that time Death.

When Heiwa sees he Futang, she looks at Lao Wu and Lai Yun in grief. The person who asks to swallow the gold bar comes forward. Lai Yun sees Heiwa guessing wildly. In anger, she theorizes with Heiwa. Because Heiwa has opened a brothel before, Lai Yun thinks that Heiwa is the one who swallows the gold. Heiwa is wronged and angry. Without saying a word, she has a physical conflict with Lai Yun in the cell. He Fu Tang thinks that the person who swallowed the gold bar is Lao Wu. In order not to let the other three people know, he Fu Tang calls Lao Wu to the front of the hall for further interrogation and points out that Lao Wu is the one who swallowed the gold bar. Lao Wu looks at he Fu Tang with grief and tears and accuses he Fu Tang of not believing him. Finally, Lao Wu is more and more excited. He simply turns his back to he Fu Tang and kneels on the ground and asks him to open the door The gun killed him.

When he Futang saw that Lao Wu was excited, he didn't seem to be lying. He didn't shoot Lao Wu with guilt. As soon as Heiwa hears that he Futang is going to drive some people away, she says she wants to stay. Frustrated by he Futang's suspicion, Lao Wu comes to the table and takes a bag of money to leave Fenglei town. Laiyun's idea is the same as Lao Wu's. as soon as Lao Wu takes the money bag, he also comes to the table and takes a bag of money. Xing'er doesn't want to leave Fenglei town and doesn't take the money bag, except xing'er Besides, he Fu Tang's officers are not willing to take money bags. He Futang thinks that there is no need for the people to stay in Fenglei Town, so he urges them to take their luggage away. When xing'er opens her luggage, she is surprised to find that it is Heiwa's luggage. She realizes that the soldiers have carried the wrong luggage. Xing'er accidentally finds Charlie's bank seal from Heiwa's suitcase. Heiwa is very sad when she sees that her suitcase is found with the seal Yell, think someone's setting him up.