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Is there a blood relationship between Chu Ziying and Chu Zixia? Why does Ziying hate dieqiu?

Ziying likes Zixia. Ziying is not Zixia's biological sister.

Ziying comes to find Chufu and Dadi and wants to be with Zixia, but Chufu refuses. Ziying asked the Chu father why he couldn't marry Zixia. Are we related by blood. Chu father told Ziying absolutely not, said that now is not the age of parents, get Zixia consent can. Ziying immediately wants to ask Zixia whether she likes me or not.

Ziying finds Zixia drinking alone. Ziying confessed to Zixia. The moment when Ziying expressed her love is true to the pure negative of spring and butterfly autumn. Zixia refuses Ziying, hoping that their relationship is the best brother and sister.