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Trailer of love apartment 4 reveals he Jiong's Hu Ge's guest role in modeling

The hilarious comedy "love apartment 4" is coming on. In the trailer, the stills of he Jiong and Hu Ge as guest stars are exposed. The classic golden sentences in love apartment 4 are frequently exposed and become popular on the Internet. The following Sihai network plot channel for you to expose he Jiong, Hu Ge guest stills.

Golden sentences are popular frequently, and mysterious shapes on the Internet are sought after

After the release of the "dual core" trailer of love apartment 4, the number of hits on the Internet has rapidly exceeded 10 million, and the frequent golden sentences of the leading actors have immediately become a hot spot on the Internet. "It's not Zeng Xiaoxian's virtuous, it's Salted Egg '," what she said is a bad omen, evil is a bad omen, and the omen is a bad omen "," you don't have a bird's foot "and other hilarious slip of tongue caused netizens to follow suit and imitate, which became a hot joke in microblogs and forums. Meanwhile, Zeng Xiaoxian's and Hu Yifei's" it's all you in your head "were also made into a moving picture by netizens, which was widely spread on the Internet, making' Xianfei ' The two's "vicious love" style has become popular again.

Hu Ge's suspected 'Seduction' Tang youyou and he Jiong's identity lead to conjecture

Since the shooting of love apartment 4, all kinds of revelations about "big name guest stars" have never stopped. Lin Zhiling, Jay Chou, Lin Dan and others have been rumored to join, but they have not been officially confirmed. Now, the appearance of Hu Ge, he Jiong, Du Haitao and Wu Yi in the 'dual core' Preview has finally exposed the first wave of guest cast.

In the trailer, Hu Ge is suspected to be the third party involved in "Youguan love" and "seduce" Tang youyou. He also joked on his micro blog: "if you give up the first cheap screen, how can you say that life is just like the first cheap.". In addition, the popular 'fast man' martial arts also appeared in the film in a student's dress, fresh and pure. However, the role of he Jiong made many people confused. Some netizens speculated that he might play a 'teacher' in the play.