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The plot of 35 episodes of the TV drama "the land God, the land woman": Cheng Li, Cheng Bing get mar

Because Cheng Bing is regarded as a disaster by the common people, Su Su is ready to punish her daughter by fire. In a hurry, she tells her husband the secret of changing her son. At this time, the champion Lin Boyan saves Cheng Bing. Cheng Bing and Cheng Li recognize each other and their biological mother. When Zhang Fu asked the rain god to rain, he found that the rain god had been intoxicated by wine. It took someone to voluntarily die ten years to wake up the rain god and save the people. In order to make atonement, Su Su voluntarily gave up his life and took the awakening pill to help the people pray for rain. Will the Cheng family be at peace next, and what kind of treatment will the landlords and grannies get when they solve problems?

Introduction to the plot of the 35th episode:

Finally, it rained. The people stood in the rain and cheered. Su Su is blind. When she comes back home, Xiu Wen sighs that this event has not only reduced her life span for ten years, but also led to her blindness. Su Su says that all these are her retribution. She made a big mistake in those years, but now she is at ease. She is willing to be a vegetarian for the rest of her life. Cheng Bing cries and says that she will be her mother's eyes after her mother. Cheng Long apologizes to Cheng Li. Cheng Li doesn't blame him because he doesn't know about it. Cheng Long said that he and Su Su share the same heart. Su Su is also responsible for what he has done wrong, so he is willing to help Cheng Li inherit his family business.

Cheng Li asks the second uncle to continue to call him Dad. Cheng Long says that of course he will. Su Wen said that everyone is happy now. Should we talk about Cheng Li? When should we drink their wedding wine? Cheng Li always looks at Qiu Hua, who laughs shyly. Cheng Long said that they would choose a good day to marry Cheng Li and Qiuhua, and invite the village head and his wife to come. Cheng Bing sighs that a lover will have a family, but when will it be her turn? Su Su persuades Cheng Bing to change her temper first, or she will scare away all the men around her. Then she asks Cheng Long to go to the village tomorrow to see if anyone is worthy of Cheng Bing. Lin Boyan excitedly steps forward and asks Cheng Long if he is worthy of Cheng Bing. The village head and his wife quarrel and ask Cheng Bing to agree. Cheng Long reminds Lin Boyan that bing'er in his family has been raised as a boy. He has to think about it clearly. Lin Boyan excitedly praised bing'er and said that she was the object of her dream. Cheng Bing agrees to Lin Boyan's proposal.

Two newlyweds in Cheng's mansion worship heaven and earth together. Xiuwen finds that Cui Yu's face is good now. Zhang Fu De says that Cui Yu's mother and son recognize each other. With the effect of mother and son connecting heart fruit, she should soon return to normal. In addition, Boyan brings back immortal water to cure Su Su Su's disease. At last, they don't have to worry about Cheng's family any more. Xiuwen quarrels to buy Rouge powder on the street, while ZhangFu quarrels to buy good wine. Xiuwen forbids him to drink any more.

Zhang Dan brought back the news from heaven: The Rain God was punished by the Jade Emperor for one hundred years. Xiuwen anxiously asks about the mountain god. Zhang Shan says that the mountain god is very cunning. He says that he doesn't know that the rain god is working, so he gives the rain god wine. Seeing Zhang Fu Fu's happy appearance, the Mountain God said angrily that he would beat him up next time.

Li Xiuwen complains about why the common people ask him for everything. Later, she starts to read the wish book. Zhang Fu criticizes her for being too wordy. Xiuwen hits him and makes Zhang Fu run away. Zhang Dan came to tell Zhang Fu that there was a family crying on the stove recently, so he wanted to have a look and let Zhang Fu accompany him.

Feng Xi found that there was no rice when he was cooking, so he asked the kitchen god to give them some rice to eat. Zhang Dan and Zhang Fu just fall into the rice bowl. Feng Xi shakes the rice bowl when he scoops the rice. Zhang Fu and Zhang Fu shout inside. Wan Chun is selling grass tea in the street. When Li Xiuwen goes out to look for Zhang Fu, she meets Wan Chun. She asks Wan chun to make a bowl for her. At this time, she hears that the little girl next to her is also selling grass tea. Seeing that the little girl is very cute, Li Xiuwen buys another girl's grass tea.

Feng Xi goes to the pond to catch fish Lou. Zhang Dan thinks she wants to be short-sighted, so they rush forward to stop her, but they are pushed to the ground by Feng Xi. The fish Lou floats away, Feng Xi complains Zhang Shan and two people. Feng Xi poured a cup of tea to the village head, and Zhang Dan bought steamed buns for Feng Xi, because they had just lost Feng Xi's Yulou. Zhang Fu De suddenly heard Li Xiuwen's voice and rushed back. Xiuwen angrily asks Zhang Fu where he has gone and why he is so wet. Zhang Fu Fu says that Huang Wanchun and his wife are very poor because there is only one grain of rice left at home, so Feng Xi almost committed suicide. Fortunately, they both did it in time. Zhang Dan says that's not the case. Zhang Ford winks at him. Xiuwen asks Zhang Dan what's the matter. Zhang Dan says that Feng Xi's family is not so poor as to have only one grain of rice left, but half a grain of rice left. Xiuwen asked them to stop acting, and said that if he dares to help the people with his salary, he will never finish with him.

Huang Wanchun only sells a bowl of green grass tea a day, so he blames himself. Feng Xi asks him not to look down on himself. Huang Wanchun promises that the first thing he does when he makes money is to buy her a hairpin. Huang Wanchun paid tribute to Feng Xi with tea instead of wine. Feng Xi said that the yellow grass could still be sold tomorrow. Huang Wanchun said that he would not sell tea tomorrow and would do other business instead.

Zhang Fu De wants to help Feng Xi, while Zhang Dan says that in the final analysis, Huang Wanchun has no ability. Zhang Fu De decided to make a secret visit to see if Huang Wanchun and his wife are worthy of their help. Huang Wanchun and Feng Xi go to the woods and find wood. He wants to carve a Yuan Bao Ruyi and offer it to the earth temple. He asks the earth God to bless them.