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34 episodes of TV series: Cheng Lixue is teased by he Futang and he Futang becomes a prisoner by dru

The story of episode 34

He Fu Tang chatted with Dongmei when he was in the high school classroom. The teacher found he Fu Tang was absent-minded and asked him to explain some of the previous textbooks. He Fu Tang stood up from his chair and explained a lot of theories. He knew that after listening to he Fu Tang's words, he looked sad and thought that he couldn't continue the class.

Cheng Lixue calls he Futang to the office and asks him about his performance in class. He Futang reveals that a teacher asked him to explain the textbook knowledge before, but the teacher was not happy after he finished. Cheng Lixue thinks he Futang deliberately embarrasses the teacher in class, and angrily asks him not to go to school in the future.

When he Futang leaves the office, he stops Cheng Lixue on the playground. He deliberately looks very anxious and loudly conveys the love between men and women to Cheng Lixue, so that everyone misunderstands that he has a secret relationship with Cheng Lixue.

Cheng Lixue didn't expect that he Futang would talk about the love between men and women in front of the students. In a hurry, she left the playground and went to her residence. As she walked, she planned to leave the school and never work again.

Liu Erquan's legs are as healthy as normal people. After hearing the news, he Futang comes to Liu Erquan's residence and marvels at the scene of Liu Erquan walking in the pavilion. When Liu Erquan sees he Futang coming, he smiles and doesn't say anything. He Futang comes to Liu Erquan and mentions Cheng Lixue, reminding Liu Erquan that Cheng Lixue is very suitable for him When he Fu Tang mentions the past, he immediately smiles and points out that he Fu Tang and Cheng Li Xue share the same heart and mind, which is a perfect match.

A group of villains pasted photos of he Futang and others in the dark office and told the people in each photo once again, so as to prepare for the elimination of he Futang in the future.

When he Futang came to walk on the street, a car suddenly came next to him. The man sitting in the car called his name. When he turned to look into the car, he yelled that the man suddenly blew out a poisonous needle and stuck it on he Futang. He stood in the same place for a moment, then he fainted with his eyes closed.

When he Fu Tang regained consciousness and was able to walk freely, the man who attacked him took him to the military area command. He Fu Tang didn't know where he was because he was wearing a hood. It was only when the hood was removed that he found that he came to a KMT officer.

KMT officers announced the prisoner number of he Futang and asked his subordinates to take him to prison. On the day of he Futang's imprisonment, he witnessed the death of a prisoner. In addition, the prison bully also deliberately trampled on his job.

When he goes to bed at night, he Fu Tang holds a basin in his heart and smashes Lu Ye's head. As a result, Lu Ye and others wake up from their sleep and rush up to teach him a lesson.

He Futang was not timid when he was taught a lesson. While Master Lu and others were asleep, he held the basin to master Lu again. Because of his weak wrist, he dropped the basin on the ground, and Master Lu and others woke up from their sleep again.