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Tonghua's most beautiful time: the final result of online reading of original novels: Lu Licheng and

The most beautiful time starring Zhong Hanliang, Jia Nailiang, Han Xiting and Zhang junmi keeps constant heat, and the ending of the story between Lu Licheng and Su man is also a hot topic for readers and audiences. The following Sihai plot channel brings you Tonghua's most beautiful time, and the original novel can be read online.

The most beautiful time novel

Author: Tong Hua

Chapter 1--1

Wake up by the hot phone, is doing spring dream.

In my dream, I was still a fresh flower on the branch of cardamom in my twenty-eight years. It was so tender that it could drip water.

I stood by the playground and watched him play basketball. The basketball missed and flew to my feet. He strode towards me.

White Jersey, bronze complexion.

Sweat on the top of my hair, with the running, drops of flying into the air, in the golden sun, every drop has become a colorful gem, I was dazzled by the light, breathless. He held out his hands to me. Instead of picking up the basketball, he hugged me. His head slowly bent down, such a handsome face slowly enlarged in front of my eyes, my blood surged up, my heart accelerated, I was about to suffocate and faint, my body trembled happily & hellip; & hellip;

'I love you, I love you, just like a mouse loves rice & hellip;'

I didn't hear, I didn't hear, just like the deaf can't hear! I tried hard to hypnotize, but he obviously didn't cooperate, and his figure disappeared.

Just 0.1cm, 0.1cm!

I closed my eyes and breathed for a long time before I could feel my cell phone.

I haven't 'hello', Malatang has preempted, 'why don't you answer the phone for such a long time? I thought you fell into the toilet! Come out quickly and go shopping with me. '

Except for my parents, she is the only one in the world who dares to shout at me like this without worrying about the safety of my life.

'I've just woken up. Wait for me to take a shower. I'll see you at the same place in 45 minutes. '

Hang up the phone, sway into the bathroom, shower head down a few minutes later, it is completely awake. Thinking of the scene in my dream, I couldn't help but raise my neck and let out a long cry.


So many years, spring dream often do, but my wolf never succeed, always is not this accident, is that accident. At the beginning, I fainted every time when he just hugged me, and then I woke up. Later, I didn't faint. When he wanted to kiss me, I subconsciously closed my eyes. As a result, as soon as my eyes closed, I woke up.

Next time, I must offer my lips when he just hugs me. I can't control the real life, can't I even control my own dream? I don't believe this evil!

While wiping the shower gel, while shaking his head to the shower head singing.

'every time

Are wandering in the lonely strong

every time

Even if it's hurt

No tears

I Know

I've always had invisible wings

Take me flying

Fly over despair


Singing in the bathroom, it is easy to highlight the voice, always let people's self-confidence extreme expansion.

I often think about how a talent like me hasn't been discovered yet? If I went to the Super Girl competition by accident, I would have to change the name of corn and jelly steamed bread. My name is Su man. If I have a fan, it's very suitable to call it steamed bread.

Just after wiping the shower gel on my body, 'I love you, I love you, just like a mouse loves rice' rings again.

Malatang! You are so inhuman! I didn't care. I continued to take a bath. The bell stopped and rang again. When the bell rang for the fifth time, there was already a symphony orchestra playing in my mind, 'I hate you, I hate you, just like mice hate cats'. After a quick shower, wrap up the towel and run out. On the ceramic tile floor, my slippers skidded, and I almost fell. If I really fell, I was afraid that I would go to the hospital to report. I hate that I answered the phone, and the first sentence was' you are in a hurry to reincarnate! I can't live in peace after taking a bath. Go to your mother's. '

Hot and spicy, I'm very angry in the world. I like to say rude words. I don't like it at first. I gently suggested to her that you should be a literary youth. You should speak in a gentle and written way. Malatang blinked his eyes and said, "OK!"

I was just moved that I could make the prodigal son turn back. She dumped me again and said, 'you and her mother's real affectation! ". I could only learn the tone of Xingye and say' sure enough written '!

Since then, I have completely surrendered to Malatang. For a long time, in line with the principle of reciprocity, I will give her a few rude remarks, even if it is a special way of emotional communication between me and Malatang!

'what do you say? What do you say? You say it again, you come back and say & hellip; & hellip;'

A strong soprano completely scared me for three seconds, and then I reacted after three seconds. I quickly moved my mobile phone to a distance, but my ears were numb. After waiting for the roar of the lion in my mobile phone for three minutes, I rubbed my ears and said good words carefully. But my mother didn't eat my sugar coated shells at all. I could only continue to listen to the instruction. I thought this scolding would last until my mobile phone ran out of power. I gently put the machine on the table and just touched it secretly Touch to wear clothes, do not want my mother suddenly stopped, I was surprised, not so immortal?

I'm too busy scolding you to get down to business. '

I suddenly cold, mom's business?

"Manman! Your Aunt Chen has a nephew who just came back from abroad. He has a good appearance, a good talent and a successful career

I whispered, "do you still need a blind date for such a good man?"

"What did you say?" my mother asked aloud

I immediately said: 'nothing, you go on. '

'I heard from your Aunt Chen that because he has been concentrating on his career, he has never had a girlfriend. Now he is not young, and his parents are very worried. When he returns home, she immediately asks people to introduce her son to him. Your Aunt Chen makes an appointment for you to meet at a cafe near the South Gate of Tsinghua University. '

My mother's tone is more and more humble, more and more gentle, but I think her voice is like silk, wrapped me in a cool heart.

"Mom, this blind date is not 100, it's 99! Last time, I met a rogue who called home in the middle of the night & hellip; & hellip;"

"Where have you been reading for so many years? You are too young to bear any setbacks. When you meet failure, you don't want to run away, but to climb over it! Where you fall, you get up!"

Well, my mother has shown her enthusiasm for publicity work in state-owned enterprises.

Soft, hard, not soft, not hard, carrot and stick policies are used alternately. Finally, my mother said in a trembling voice that if I don't go on a blind date today, I will be the first unfilial girl in all ages. Her white hair is all angry with me.

My little shoulder should be able to bear the name of unfilial girl, but I had to surrender when I thought of my mother's good cooking. My mother sent me Aunt Chen's mobile phone number by SMS, and they all hung up, but she called again and told me to dress up.

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