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In which episode is Tong Yuwan Yuanfang in the TV drama "beacon fire beauty Du Yuntang"? Does Tong Y

Shuchang, Chen Jianfeng, Qiao Zhenyu and Li Zhinan are the stars of the TV series "beacon fire beauty". Although the first round of broadcasting has passed, its popularity continues unabated. The cruel feelings of Du Yuntang and Tong Yuwan in the play deeply attract the audience. How did they get married? Did Du Yuntang finally fall in love with Tong Yuwan?

Story of the 19th episode: Tong Yuwan comes to the singing hall to ask Du Yuntang about something. The stock said that Du Yuntang was beaten down and really hurt. Tong Yuwan asked the manager to arrange a private room. Du Yuntang is still angry. Tong Yuwan advises Du Yuntang not to make trouble and wants to drink with him. Tong Yuwan knows that Du Yuntang has been paying attention to himself and Wanju. Tong Yuwan admits to two drinks. Du Yuntang and Tong Yuwan have a heart to heart relationship.

Du Yuntang and Tong Yuwan go home. Tong Yuwan asked Du Yuntang questions, Du Yuntang let her have a drink, let her know the real Du Yuntang. Tong Yuwan can't drink any more. Du Yun Tang helps Tong Yuwan rest. What Tong Yuwan drinks is Zhou Tingchen's name. After hearing this, Du Yuntang was angry and forced to have a relationship with Tong Yuwan, becoming a real husband and wife.

After waking up, Du Yuntang says to Tong Yuwan that she is her own stupid woman. Tong yuwanxing accused Du Yuntang of intoxicating himself and insulting himself. Du Yuntang asked Tong Yuwan to promise himself that he would never mention Zhou Tingchen in front of him. He would listen to her well in the future. When Du Yuntang gets up and leaves, Tong Yuwan thinks about what Du Yuntang said and guesses that Du Yuntang should be in love with himself.

Stocks come to Huafang to find Du Yuntang. Du Yuntang asks what dream stocks have. The stock said that he dreamt that he had made peace with Tong Yuwan and had a fat baby. Du Yuntang told the stock after listening that he had the same dream as him, and told Rong Ma to stew the best tonic for Tong Yuwan.

Su Xi sent tonic to Tong Yuwan, saying that Du Yuntang arranged Rong Ma to make it. Now everyone in the family knows. Let Tong Yuwan choose Du Yuntang. Tong Yuwan gives Su Xi the bracelet that Zhou Tingchen gave her and asks her to put it away. Don't let herself see it.