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The climax of 24 episodes of the TV drama generation: Wang Sanchun ambushes he Futang, he Futang pro

The story of episode 24

When he Futang and others drove away from Fenglei Town, Wang Sanchun took his old Cao to the top of the mountain to watch, and found that a motorcade appeared. Cao raised his telescope to take a closer look, and was surprised to find that the driver was Lao Wu. When Wang Sanchun heard that Lao Wu was in the front of the car, he immediately realized that he Futang was sleeping beside Lao Wu. Lao Cao was impatient and asked if Wang Sanchun had attacked he Futang .

Wang Sanchun doesn't plan to attack he Futang. In a low voice, he reminds old Cao to notice that he Futang and others are carrying Tang Mu's submachine gun. Old Cao is still unwilling and proposes to bury some mines on the road of Fenglei town. When he Futang and others return, they will be blown up.

Wei Zhengxian comes to Cheng Lixue with a loving face and proposes to go out to work. Cheng Lixue is very reluctant to give up Wei Zhengxian and leans to Wei Zhengxian's arms. He Fu Tang and Li Shu min come to Zhao Er Ye's home. When Zhao Er Ye comes to meet him, he Fu Tang gives him a box. Zhao Er Ye opens the box and has a look at it. His face changes greatly. He greets him respectfully, just as he greets the emperor.

He Futang asked him to come into the house to see the Guqin. Zhao Erye was puzzled. Although he could not understand he Futang's behavior, he still asked him to come into the inner room to see the Guqin. Zhao Suying sat next to the Guqin in the inner room. When he saw he Futang come in, he got up to greet him. Seeing Zhao Suying was dignified and beautiful, he immediately decided to save Zhao Suying.

Zhao Erye already knows that he Futang wants to marry his sister Zhao Suying. While he Futang is resting in the living room, Zhao Erye and the official family stand in the corridor to talk about he Futang. Afterwards, he comes to Zhao Suying's room and hopes that Zhao Suying can marry him Futang. Zhao Suying does not expect that her brother will let her marry him. For a moment, he sits speechless and stands aside to take care of Zhao Suying's maid, Persuade Zhao Erye not to marry Zhao Suying.

With a look of embarrassment on his face, Zhao Erye revealed that his family's financial difficulties had reached the point where he couldn't even drink tea. Seeing that his younger sister still didn't speak, Zhao Erye also revealed that he had sold the Western chamber, and that he would certainly sell other chambers at that time.

Zhao Suying didn't expect her brother to be such a loser. In grief, she almost shed tears. Seeing that Zhao Suying still refused to get married, Zhao Erye had to stand up and offer to sell the 700 year old gutongqin. When Zhao Suying heard that Zhao Erye wanted to sell the gutongqin, she immediately expressed her firm opposition.

Seeing that Zhao Suying still refuses to marry he Futang, Zhao Erye has no choice but to come to the hall and lie that there is an old aunt at home. At that time, he has to ask her for advice before deciding whether Zhao Suying can get married. In order not to make he Fu Tang angry, Zhao Er Ye proposed to invite everyone to dinner.