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Zhong Hanliang, the eighth part of the new Tianlong TV series, has suffered a lot for subverting his

Make complaints about the eight Zhong Hanliang edition of new dragon, which has been make complaints about netizens since its debut. While the male god Zhong Hanliang plays Qiao Feng's modeling dress, she also gets Tucao. Zhong Hanliang himself revealed that he was going to be insane.

Zhong Hanliang, who has always appeared as a gentle and handsome man, plays a serious and deep tough man Qiao Feng in the TV series "new Tianlong Babu". Although there are breakthroughs, there are also doubts. At the press conference of "new Tianlong Babu" yesterday, Zhong Hanliang frankly faced up to the doubt, and even revealed that he had suffered a lot from the subversion. "He grew a beard, blackened spots, combed up the eyebrows and tail, and spoke very loud and rough. A few days ago, he cried with a sore throat. Later, he felt that he had become a psycho. '

Zhong Hanliang feeds porridge to female fans

Yesterday, the press conference was held in Hangzhou at 2 p.m., but when the reporter arrived at about 1 o'clock, he found hundreds of Zhong Hanliang fans gathered at the door, holding the banner of "Hangzhou branch to welcome the leader of Zhong Gang" and holding the signboard item "sunflower" waiting for the idol to appear. In order to ensure the order of the scene, all staff in and out must hold a work permit, in order to pass through the two heavily guarded gates. But when the press conference officially started, the whole scene was still surrounded by fans.

Yesterday, it happened to be Laba in the lunar calendar. Zhejiang satellite TV prepared Laba porridge, and Zhong Hanliang provided welfare for the audience on the spot -- hand feeding porridge. One female fan was lucky enough to get a 'flop'.

According to field observation, Zhong Hanliang not only killed the little girl, but also conquered the elderly aunt. At the scene yesterday, an aunt yelled in Hangzhou Dialect: "Zhong Hanliang's version is the best. '