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The wonderful plot of 29 episodes of dance legend in TV series: Shu Nan Tuo Xia Yunxian discovers th

Dance legend episode 29

On the other hand, Shu nanduo and Xia Yunxian lanmashandi are isolated and helpless. They have no help around them. After being decadent, Shu nanduo recovers and decides to go to Chang'an even if there are only three people to expose all Su Jue's conspiracies. He vowed to keep peace between PYU and Datang forever, so he did not hesitate to break up.

On the way to the Tang Dynasty, Shu nanduo and Xia Yunxian lanmashandi discovered the real secret of the drum. Shu nanduo faintly felt that the drum might be of great use or could turn the tide. Su Jue led the orchestra to Chang'an very soon. But for some reasons, the music will have to wait for some time.