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TV drama dance music legend Qiu Cixuan takes off his clothes, takes a bath and teases others

"Legend of dance music", the grand drama of the eighth lunar new year of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, has not failed to live up to the expectations of the public. With its unique exotic customs and excellent production, it leads the screen and wins praise. The play is in full swing on cctv-8. In the play, the Korean goddess of temperament, Qiu Cixuan, subverts and makes a bold breakthrough. One of the plays is the update of "SEDUCTION" mainland popular idol Lin. it's going to perform "must kill skill" tonight. It's expected that "the kids will be stunned". What's more, her bath show has offered a "sky high price ticket", which is amazing. I wonder if the audience watching "Legend of dance music" will get free treatment?

A glance at the goddess's bath is equivalent to 200000 yuan?

"Legend of dance music" is a collection of young actors such as Lin Xinxin, Qiu Cixuan, Xuan Lu, Hu Haifeng and Su Qianwei. The play is also the second cooperation between Korean temperament actress Qiu Cixuan, Jiang Xiaorong and Yu Rongguang. Different from the gentle images created in the past, this time, Qiuci dazzle subverted and played the ancient spirit, naughty and mischievous female flying thief of the PYU Kingdom, and also showed her 'hot' side.

In the previous series, Qiu Cixuan, who was tied up and locked up in the boar King's house, tried to kill the guards in order to get rid of them. He killed the guards in an instant when he was seducing them, which had already made the audience appreciate some of their skills. In the drama broadcast tonight, Qiu Cixuan takes off her clothes and takes a bath in the presence of Wang Zilin. She teases Lin by stretching out her tender white legs and small fragrant shoulders. Her eyes are evil. She says to Lin: "it takes 100 taels of gold to look at one eye, and nine hundred taels to look at ten eyes. '

If you convert gold into RMB, according to the rough calculation, 'one or two gold is roughly equivalent to 2000 yuan, according to qiucixuan's offer price, it will cost 200000 yuan at a glance'. I have to say that you are a real moneymaker. You never forget to do business under any circumstances. If you live in modern times, you will surely be ranked first in the Forbes rich list.

Lin Xinxin's embarrassing appearance is a lovely and simple man

Since ancient times, the hero has been sad about the beauty pass. However, to the naughty tease of the goddess qiucixuan, the king of puma, Zilin Xin, blushes and looks away in embarrassment. Since the start of the orchestra in PYU, Lin Xinxin and Qiu Cixuan have been sharing weal and woe for a long time. Seeing Lin's embarrassment, qiucixuan is quite proud. Although Lin Xinxin is alone in the same room with few girls, she behaves well in front of beauties, and her shyness is all 'lovely'. Such a simple and good man is really nowhere to find with a lantern on.

In the legend of dance music, Lin Xinxin and Qiu Cixuan are partners for the first time. Although they are strangers before, their relationship is progressing rapidly after the production of the play. Outside the play, when it comes to the shooting, the two are laughing. Qiu Cixuan revealed: 'I'm still very nervous and embarrassed. But the role of female snitch can't be shy, so he (Lin Xinxin) has all the advantages. Lin Xinxin, on one side, pleaded anxiously and jokingly: 'what? It's your own initiative. It's my fault, isn't it. '