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TV drama dance legend 23 wonderful plot Preview: Su Jue's insane killing uncle an Pingyang

Legend of dance episode 23

Lanmashandi conceals the identity of Prince Shunanda, and even proposes to marry Shunanda. Then he takes advantage of the strange customs handed down by the tribe from ancient times to find an opportunity to take out the drum, but he is captured. In order to save lanmashandi, Shunanda returns to the tribe and tells the truth that he is the prince of the state of PU. As a result, the leader of feicui tribe immediately kills the enemy's descendant, Guan The turn over of the key time is even more unexpected. It turns out that someone else has made different arrangements many years ago. Su Jue finds out that an Pingyang knows his plan and deceives an Pingyang into entering the Baoxiang temple to kill him. At the critical moment, the musician Qinglian saves an Pingyang. The musician advises Su Jue to rein in his horse from the precipice. Unexpectedly, Su Jue uses his family affection to kill his second uncle Qinglian and also kills an Pingyang!

Su Jue pushes the murderer to Xia Yunxian by various means. When ling'er learns that her colleagues are all killed by Xia Yunxian, she takes up the bow and crossbow to aim at Xia Yunxian!