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Plot introduction of 17 episodes of the TV drama "land God and land woman": Liu He's got a wonderful

Introduction to the plot of Episode 17:

Liu he said to his brother that he didn't need his brother's generosity, and that he should think about whether he was worthy of his father. However, Liu Jia insists that the most unfortunate thing in his life is that he has met a dull brother, and he also says that he will be outstanding. Don't come to find him at that time, and then he leaves.

Zhao Mei thought about her ordinary and happy days with Liu He. She recalled what Liu he had said to herself just now, so she broke the vase. She thought that since she had no way to be with Liu He in the future, her life would be meaningless. She picked up the vase fragments on the ground, cut her arteries, and left blood from her hands. Zhao Yue rushes in when she can't open the door. She is worried when she sees Zhao Mei trying to commit suicide.

Liu he thought about what happened with Zhao Mei before, and he thought about what he had just said to hurt Zhao Mei. He felt sad and said that Zhao Mei should not blame himself, and he had no way to do it. He hoped that he would be happy. The old woman came to see Liu He and wanted to help him when she saw that he was sad. The old woman pretended to have a pain in her chest and kicked the basket made of Panlong grass to the fire with her magic. The mother-in-law asks Liu He to bring the ashes of Panzhihua grass. Liu he takes the ashes and lets the mother-in-law smell the ashes of Panzhihua grass, saying that it can cure diseases and let him sell them to earn money. Liu he got enlightenment.

Liu Jia took the villagers to the fortune bank to borrow money and said that all his invitation cards had been sold out. The land Lord came to the market to see the villagers who borrowed the fortune money. They said that they really made a lot of money with the fortune bank's money, but as soon as the land lord appeared, they said that their money had lost again, so they all scattered quickly. Land justice is thinking that they lend money to everyone to make money in a proper way. Unexpectedly, someone gambles. At this time, I saw Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu calling for a doctor in a hurry.

The doctor told Zhao Yue that she could do nothing about Zhao Mei's illness. Zhao Yue asked Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu to put up a notice to ask for a miracle doctor, and said that whoever could cure her sister would be rewarded 200 Liang. When the old woman knew the news, she asked Liu He to take the ashes of Panzhihua grass to Zhao Mei to treat her.

The doctor felt Zhao Mei's pulse, said that Zhao Mei's pulse condition was very rare, and said that he had no ability to treat Zhao Mei, so he left. Liu he came to Zhao Mei with the ashes of panlongcao in his arms, but Zhao Yue didn't let him see Zhao Mei. At this time, the old woman rushed out and asked Liu He to help herself, saying that she was bitten by a poisonous snake. In order to convince everyone, Liu he spread ashes on the old woman's hand. After a while, the wound healed, and the old woman woke up and called Liu He's uncle. Zhao Yue saw it and asked Liu He to go upstairs to save his sister.

Liu he was very sad when he saw Zhao Mei who had lost weight. But at Zhao Yue's urging, Liu He raised the ashes of panlongcao in front of Zhao Mei. Zhao Mei didn't respond at all, but after a while, Zhao Mei woke up. Zhao Mei wakes up and holds Liu He's hand. Zhao Yue gives Liu he a reward to let him go. Liu he wanted to pay back the money of the fortune bank, so he said he needed the money, and was driven away by Zhao Yue. Zhao Mei points to her neck with a hairpin and says that if they don't get out of the way, she will die here. Zhao Yue is worried about her sister's safety and has to compromise. However, as soon as Zhao Mei comes out, Zhao Yue asks Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu to chase Zhao Mei. Liu He gives the money back to his mother-in-law. Zhao Mei hears him and thinks that Liu He took the money to realize his father's last wish. He knows Liu he himself, so she tells Liu He that she knows he is different from his brother. Liu he said he couldn't make a good life for her. Zhao Mei said that she knew that he was for her own good, but her sister asked her to marry someone she didn't love was her biggest pain. If she was really good to herself, don't refuse her. He was the only one in her heart in her life. Liu he said that he would work hard. He would not be so poor all his life and would make Zhao Mei have a good life.

Liu Jia heard Aunt Wang say that Liu he had a magic secret recipe that could cure diseases, so she said it was her family's ancestral secret recipe. Aunt Wang said that she wanted to treat constipation, but Liu Jia said that this secret recipe was very precious, so she said that there were ten pairs of medicines. Uncle Li also gave Liu Jia one hundred taels of silver and said that she wanted ten pairs of medicines. Liu Jia found a good way to make money, so she told the villagers that if they had a secret recipe in their family, they would register it.

The mountain god went to the four immortals and said that the land lord had taken their money to make usury. As soon as he knew about it, he told everyone. He also said that the City God would come back in the next two days. If he found out, they would be accomplices. The mountain god told the immortals to ask for money from the land owner with the IOU. If they want money, they will burn the IOU. So the immortals will go to the land public for money. If the immortals and the earth God don't want money, the earth woman will give it back to them, and say that they will pay it back before the City God comes back early tomorrow morning.