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23 episodes of new Tianlong eight TV series

Ah Zhu points doctor Xue's acupoints, and Yi Rong escapes from juxianzhuang like the other side. At the same time, Qiao Feng just remembers his family on the edge of the cliff where his parents died. Because his feelings are aroused, he makes great efforts to push the stone. Ah Zhu hears the news and gets together with Qiao Feng. A Zhu and Qiao Feng are interlinked with each other. After several days apart, they meet again and pour out their love for each other. Qiao Feng can't help talking about his life experience. So, where will they go next?

Episode 23 of Tianlong eight

Zhu and Qiao Feng meet outside Yanmen pass. Zhu has been waiting here for a long time. Two people discuss Qiao Feng's life experience. Qiao Feng tells Zhu that he knows that his parents are actually Liao people, and he plans to find clues about his parents' identity. Zhu said he hoped to be with Qiao Feng. Although Qiao Feng didn't agree at first, he agreed to Zhu's request at Zhu's request. Two people outside Yanmen pass suddenly see a lot of song soldiers are killing Liao people, Qiao Feng saw each other's brutal behavior, it is intolerable, so help, repel the song soldiers, rescued these civilians. As like as two peas, he came to the side of the dead Liao people and saw the tattoo on his opponent's body. He was exactly the same as himself. Qiao Feng realized that he was a real Liao people, which made Joe Feng more miserable.

Zhu then comforts Qiao Feng patiently, which makes Qiao Feng calm down at last. In order to protect Qiaofeng, Zhu decided to dress Qiaofeng first before entering the Central Plains. Zhu makes up for Qiao Feng and becomes an old man. Zhu disguises himself as a young man, which makes Qiao Feng feel very incredible. Qiao Feng praised Zhu's make-up and face changing skills. Two people then entered the Central Plains, Qiao Feng and two beggars' sect disciples met. The other party didn't recognize Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng and a Zhu sat aside and heard the discussion of beggars' sect disciples. The two men were discussing about Qiao Feng's killing elder you, but Qiao Feng didn't do the murder. Qiao Feng felt very angry and wanted to teach the two beggars' sect disciples a lesson. Fortunately, he was stopped by a Zhu. Zhu patiently advises Qiao Feng, and then the two go to the location of the beggars' sect.

Zhu and Qiao Feng disguised themselves into the location of the beggars' sect. They came to the dead beggars' sect elders to pay homage. The beggars' sect didn't recognize Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng and a Zhu pass by Bai Shijing, and then they leave. When a Zhu goes out, he meets Mrs. tan. Qiao Feng thinks that this person may have clues about his parents' identity, so he decides to follow her. Mrs. Tan was planning to meet her elder martial brother Zhao qiansun. She noticed that someone might be following her, but when she came back, she didn't find anyone behind her. Then she thought she was just thinking more. When Zhao qiansun and Tan Po meet, they are actually lovers in private. Qiao Feng suddenly appears when two people are intimate. He tries to control them and tries to find out the clues of his parents' life experience.