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Plot of 16 episodes of the TV series Xiaoxiong: he Futang designs to rob Li lanqun and Li lanqun is

Episode 16

Raymond and Li Lan Qun meet, Li Lan Qun took out a design. This makes Raymond quite dissatisfied. He Futang and Cailing come to the newspaper. He Futang comes to the newspaper alone. Cailing is left downstairs. Cailing went to buy a popsicle and doubted the identity of the woman who sold it. This person is indeed Li lanqun's subordinate. Later another subordinate of Li lanqun found the woman and gave her a note in secret, which said that the operation was cancelled. He Fu Tang comes to Li Lan Qun's residence. At this time, they have become enemies in private. But on the surface, they still pretend to be silent. They have a good talk with Raymond. Raymond is very appreciative of he Fu Tang, and then Raymond has something to leave, leaving only two enemies to meet.

He Futang goes to talk to Li Lan Qun, hoping that Li Lan Qun can turn over his bank. Li lanqun was very dissatisfied with he Futang, but he threatened Li lanqun with the information he had about Li lanqun's personal relationship with Japan and other account books, saying that if the other party was not willing to hand over half of the shares and naming rights of the bank, he would publicize these things, and the other Party's reputation would be destroyed. Raymond finally came back from the outside. Raymond was very satisfied with the design of he Futang, and said that because of the problem of ability and funds, he could not build the work completely according to the design drawings of the other party, and in order to show his respect and guilt, he gave him a valuable gift. Li lanqun asks if the other party has stolen his safe in the bank after Raymond left. He Futang certainly denies it. But this did not dispel Li Lan Qun's doubts, because later when Li Lan Qun came to the bank to check the situation, he found that there was nothing in his safe. He Futang buys jewelry for Cailing in the jewelry store. Then he thinks that Liu Ding is in danger now. Heiwa volunteers to save Liu Ding and leaves successfully. Li lanqun wants to design a frame for he Futang. He calls to tell the other party that he is willing to cooperate with him. However, although he promises on the surface, he has always been dubious about it. He Futang calls Pete, and then Pete and his men deal with Li lanqun and arrest him.