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Micro film "new Tianlong eight" reveals the new plot of Zhong Hanliang's special

The TV drama "new dragon eight" started to make complaints about the "thunder drama". In order to save the audience's enthusiasm, the micro film "new Tianlong eight" starring Zhong Hanliang is expected to be released in January, with Zhong Hanliang's brand-new style playing "Qiao Bangzhu".

The micro film "new Tianlong eight", starring Zhong Hanliang, is expected to meet the audience in January. The micro film version of "new Tianlong Babu" follows the ending of "Tianlong Babu" and tells a new and complicated story after Qiao Feng fell off the cliff. Although the title and leading role of the film are the same as the current controversial TV series "new Tianlong eight", this version of micro film is very different from TV series in terms of production team, production level and story plot. Zhong Hanliang's re playing Qiao Feng also has a great breakthrough in acting skills and characterization compared with TV series. The story in the film version will be more dark, and Qiao Feng's character and heart will experience a subversive twist. A few days ago, the film side revealed a special production of Zhong Hanliang. This time, Qiao Feng, who he plays again, will face what kind of breakthrough, which can be seen from the gags of this series.

Qiao Feng kills Zhong Hanliang in the fire

According to the film, the micro film version of "new Tianlong eight" will set an extremely dark plot for Qiao Feng, who has survived the disaster. Qiao Feng, the great Xia of the generation, will also lose himself in this carefully arranged puzzle and become an enemy of the whole river and lake again. Among the announced gags, Zhong Hanliang, who plays Qiao Feng, can be called "killing all sides". He not only plays Weiya's lightness skill on a moonlit night, but also has wonderful action scenes of frequent combat with many people in the Wulin. And a scene with a lot of madness in the fire seems to reveal Qiao Feng's miserable inner world in the film. Coincidentally, in this special video, there are many scenes showing Qiao Feng's tormented mental state, sometimes in panic and helplessness, sometimes in anger. The last "cruel" scene in the gags makes many netizens wonder: "is the leader of Qiao Gang swollen?"

Zhong Hanliang plays the role of 'Qiao gang leader' again and laughs that this version of Qiao Feng loves to be 'angry'

After the TV series, Zhong Hanliang, who plays Qiao Feng again, has a close relationship with Tianlong. In this micro film version of "new Tianlong eight", Zhong Hanliang not only has a new production team to work with him, but also plays the role of "gang leader Qiao" which has a great breakthrough compared with the TV series. Zhong Hanliang himself once said that Qiao Feng in this micro film is quite different from before in both character and character temperament, and his inner world has become more complex; He even said with a smile that this version of Qiao Feng loves to 'get angry','You will find that his mental state is always tense, people are glaring at him, no matter when he is angry, and all his action plays feel like venting. Even so, Zhong Hanliang still said that this version of Qiao Feng's performance is very 'enjoyable', because compared with the previous version, the character has more emotional outbursts and richer inner drama. '