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Introduction to the plot of 8 episodes of the TV drama "land God, land woman": the mountain god pret

Zhang Ruoshui's face changes back to its original shape, which scares the men infected with the plague. Zhao Tong still insists on marrying Zhang Ruoshui, but the next day Ruoshui will become the wife of the gods. Therefore, Zhang Hao, Ruoshui's father, forces Zhao Tong to give up. At this time, the land God and the land woman come to make up this beautiful marriage. So, when the gods know that water and Zhao Tong are engaged, what kind of reaction will they have?

Introduction to the plot of Episode 8:

On the way back, Zhang Fuld was very proud. He thought that as long as Zhang Fuld married Ruoshui successfully, he would quit Xiuwen, and his plan would succeed. Zhao Tong lay in the coffin, his father holding his hand reluctantly, Li Xiuwen said it would be OK, and let people cover the coffin. On the way to Zhang Fu's wedding, there was a strong wind. At the same time, the sky was filled with black smoke. Zhao Fu and others came with the funeral procession. Xiaoshi was afraid to tell the mountain god that the bad luck was coming from the funeral procession. When the Mountain God cast the magic, Zhao Fu and others were blinded by the wind. Zhang Hao suddenly remembered what the female doctor had said and quickly surrounded the welcoming team.

In the sky, two birds fight. Zhang Fu and Li Xiuwen control their own birds by casting spells. Finally, Zhang Fu vomits blood and falls to the ground. Li Xiuwen asks Zhang Fu to hurry up. At this time, she suddenly finds that Zhang Fu is a mountain god. Under the pressure of Li Xiuwen, the Mountain God said that Zhang Ford was in the cave. Xiuwen opens the boundary of the cave. When she sees several women lying there sleeping with Zhang Fu drunk, Li Xiuwen kicks him angrily. Li Xiuwen grabs Zhang Fu's ear and leaves. He just meets the mountain god and the two come back. Li Xiuwen accuses him of imprisoning immortals and robbing people's daughters. He asks him to explain to the Jade Emperor.

The coffin is opened, but Zhao Tong stops breathing. Ruoshui weeps. Li Xiuwen told Zhang Fu what the mountain god had done. Zhang Fu said that he did not expect the mountain god to do such a thing. Li Xiuwen said that when she knew that the mountain god disguised him to do those things, she did not care with him. Li Xiuwen and Zhang Fude arrive at Zhao's home, only to find that Zhao Tong is dead. The mountain god apologizes to Zhang Fu and hopes to get his forgiveness. Zhang Fu says it's impossible. The mountain god asks again. Li Xiuwen makes a condition: as long as he is willing to take out five hundred years of practice to bring Zhao Tong back to life, she won't tell her father and Jade Emperor about it. The Mountain God said she was insane. Xiaoshitou advised the mountain god that five hundred years is nothing. Just give it to her. The mountain god angrily pushes him away. Zhang Ford doesn't know what happened in five hundred years. Li Xiuwen asks the mountain god to reply, and the mountain god agrees to her.

The Mountain God cast a spell on Zhao Tong, and then he said to Li Xiuwen that it was done. Zhang Fu Fu doesn't understand what he's done? Shanshen pushes him aside. Li Xiuwen pushes Shanshen forward and accuses him of pushing his husband. If water holds Zhao Tong's hand and weeps all the time, she suddenly finds Zhao Tong awake. Zhao Tong asked Ruoshui if he would marry him. Ruoshui nodded and said yes. Zhao's father said that it's better to bump into the sun than choose the right day. Today, he will marry Ruoshui. Zhang Hao very much agrees with this proposal.

Zhang Fu Fu tells Li Xiuwen how it is possible for someone to come back from the dead and become happy when they lose, so this bet is not counted. Li Xiuwen said that he was so fussy that if he lost, he would lose. Don't talk about it any more. The important thing is to see how much sesame oil money he collected today. Li Xiuwen found the note left by chenghuangniang and the fairy water. It turns out that the Narcissus came back, and chenghuangniang asked her for the fairy water, so that her daughter Xiuwen could win Zhang Fu.

Zhao Tong married Ruoshui, and Li Xiuwen gave her the fairy water. Zhao Tong suddenly found that Ruoshui's face became very beautiful. Ruoshui was very surprised. She felt her face and found that her mole and ugly teeth were gone. Zhang Hao said that he took Ruoshui to ask for the land, but he didn't expect that Ruoshui solved all the difficulties. Zhao's father suggested that they go together to thank the landlords and landwives.

Zhao and several people went to the temple to kneel down to thank the mother-in-law of the land. Zhang Fu held Li Xiuwen in his arms and said that he was so moved. Li Xiuwen scolded him for what he was doing with his hands. Zhang Fu complained about what happened to her matchmaker, who had to have a son as a matchmaker. Li Xiuwen pulled his ear and said that if the water man was good, she would ask for so much, but none of it was for herself. Li Xiuwen asks Zhang Fu to buy her a diamond ring. Zhang Fu leaves in a hurry because he has an appointment.

When Zhao Tonglin goes out, if the water comes out and gives the rice ball to him, he sighs that it is good to marry a wife. Zhao Tong met Huang Xiaoyu when he was herding cattle. Huang Xiaoyu said that if water followed him, it was like a flower on cow dung, so he let him put Ruoshui. Zhao Tong said that he and Ruoshui really love each other, and no one is worthy of others. Huang Xiaoyu said that after waiting for a long time, it's hard to guarantee that he won't complain if the water is clean. Zhao Tong scolds Huang Xiaoyu to get out of the way, but Huang Xiaoyu pushes the rice ball to the ground. At this time, the rice ball also falls to the ground, and Huang Xiaoyu keeps stepping on Zhao Tong's hand to prevent him from getting the rice ball. Zhao Tong angrily punches Huang Xiaoyu in the face, but Huang Xiaoyu and his subordinates beat him hard. At this time, his cow goes away.

Zhao Tong lost his livelihood. He went to the temple to ask for the help of his father-in-law. Li Xiuwen sighs that Zhao Tong is really poor. She decides to find a way to make Zhao Tong and his wife live a good life. Li Xiuwen turned into a master and collided with Zhao Tong. She said that Zhao Tong was the legendary Gao Fu Shuai. Zhao Tong told him to stop joking because he was a poor boy. Li Xiuwen said that he had a full heaven and a Square Pavilion. She predicted that Zhao Tong would own all the shops in the street in the future. Zhao Tong told her not to make fun of her. Li Xiuwen said that if all three things happened today, it would prove that her prediction was true. These three things were: riding a cow on a man, fishing in a tree and being hit on the head by the sun. If her prophecy comes true, let him wait for her under the Dongjiao bridge tomorrow, and they will not see each other. Zhao Tong thinks what she said is ridiculous.