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What is the true identity of the evil pig king?

Crazy woman suddenly sober, told night Sharon she knew all the secrets of the evil pig king, but when the secret was about to be revealed, crazy woman was killed, and all the guesses were killed. Shu nanduo and Xia Yunxian arrive at the scene of the murder, looking for clues. Then who is responsible for the mysterious murder?

Legend of dance Episode 14

It turns out that crazy woman and ling'er belong to the same inner guard of the Tang Dynasty. At the same time, the information left by the dead makes people gradually confirm the identity of the evil pig king.

Together with anpingyang and the heads of the five ethnic groups, Shu nanduo and others decided to start a real eradication operation in the coming water splashing Festival.

In all the plans, the real evil pig King finally revealed his true identity, but he was extremely unfavorable to himself, forcing everyone to a dead end. However, sunanta appeared in the place where it should not appear.