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Episode 11 of dance legend in TV series: Lin Xinxin's understanding of Xia Yunxian's poison

Legend of dance episode 11

After learning that anpingyang can detoxify Xia Yunxian, lanmashandi proposes to marry anpingyang. After detoxification, Xia Yunxian insists on taking lanmashandi away. Anpingyang is moved by Xia Yunxian's promise and agrees to release him.

Shu nanduo is in danger in the evil pig King's mansion, but despite the help of a GUI, he still can't confirm the real identity of the evil pig king. Yeshaluo is also trapped in the house of the evil pig king. Yeshaluo, Shu nanduo and others work together to find an amazing secret in the house of the evil pig King & hellip; & hellip;