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22 episodes of the love affair in TV series: Tong Liya takes over million spokesmen to solve Du Chun

In order to borrow his mother's operating expenses, Lin Zefeng mingles in the wine shop every day. Unexpectedly, Yu Huxin sells his pet shop and accepts a million yuan endorsement fee to help him pay off the high operating expenses at one time. Will Yu Huxin's practice be recognized and accepted by his mother? What will mother yu think of Lin Zefeng?

Love: Episode 22

Lin Zefeng comes out of the room and Yu Huxin immediately catches up. Lin Zefeng, who has been worried about his family, doesn't want to talk. Yu Huxin wants to give him the operation fee, but because he doesn't want to involve Yu Huxin any more, he falsely claims that he has borrowed money from a friend. Chen Bei and the rabbit mother have not made up yet. He finds an ex girlfriend to chat with. Suddenly another ex girlfriend Hu Li appears. Hu Li is surprised when Chen Bei has another woman. At this time, the rabbit mother came in. She saw two women with Chen Bei and understood what was going on. Although the rabbit mother was so angry that she didn't know what to do on the surface. Chen Bei is afraid to make the rabbit mother angry again. He observes the face of the rabbit mother. At this time, Hu Li poured a glass of water for Chen Bei. The rabbit mother looked at Hu Li with hostility and ordered Chen Bei not to drink water. Chen Bei, who didn't respond, took a big sip from the glass. Looking at Chen Bei drinking water, rabbit mother angrily turned to go, Chen Bei catch up with rabbit mother to express his apology, but also bold confession, rabbit mother began to reprimand Chen Bei. Chen Bei sad to leave, but the rabbit mother did not give up to call Chen Bei, but when he came back, rabbit mother began to say he, Chen Bei unable to explain, had to hold rabbit mother.

In order to raise money, Yu Huxin plans to sell the pet shop. Yu's mother comes to the pet shop to find out that the new owner wants to decorate it. She calls Dou nan to tell her about it. Dou Nan thought of a way to find a good cosmetic boss and persuade him to let Yu Huxin speak for cosmetics. Then he told mother rabbit about it. Mother rabbit agreed and told Yu Huxin about the proposal. Originally, Yu Huxin didn't plan to speak, but it was said that there was a million yuan endorsement fee, which immediately followed. Chen Bei and others clearly know that Dou Nan is secretly helping Yu Huxin. They accompany Yu Huxin to make an advertisement. The manufacturer is very satisfied. Yu Huxin gets a 1.2 million endorsement fee. When Lin Zefeng was worried about the cost of the operation, the attending doctor told him that someone had settled the money at one time.

Yu's mother went to the hospital to find Lin Zefeng. She said calmly that Lin Zefeng could not give Yu Huxin happiness. Lin Zefeng thought that Yu's mother was right. Lin Zefeng asks Dou nan to meet him. He tells Dou Nan that he knows he can't give Yu Hu new happiness. At this time, Yu Hu is new. In order to avoid suspicion, Lin Zefeng hides so that Yu Hu can talk to Dou Nan alone. Yu Huxin knows that Dou Nan really treats himself, but he loves Lin Zefeng. Instead of hating her, Dou Nan helps her feel guilty and cry. Park Yingjun wants to marry Shanshan. He specially invites his parents from Korea to come to China. His mother likes Shanshan very much and gives her a valuable gift. Huo Lei and Yueyue meet Zhang Haitian when they go out. Huo Lei rides down Zhang Haitian and warns him to stop pestering Yueyue.