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20 episodes of love in TV series: Lin Zefeng is attacked behind his back, implicating his family

Chen Bei helps mother rabbit's father to make an appointment with mother rabbit. Unexpectedly, mother rabbit does not accept her father's affection at all and refuses to forgive her father's past hurt. When can the knot between her and her father be untied? Yuan AI sent people to monitor Lin Zefeng. Will she do something extraordinary to Lin Zefeng?

About love Episode 20

Rabbit mother and father quarrel, when rabbit mother's stepmother Xiaohui arrived. At the sight of Xiaohui, the rabbit's mother is on fire. She turns around and wants to leave. Chen Bei immediately stops the rabbit's mother. Xiaohui introduces her identity to Chen Bei and says that she is the stepmother of rabbit mother. When she hears Xiaohui talking to Chen Bei, rabbit mother becomes more and more angry and begins to satirize Xiaohui. Rabbit mother's attitude becomes more and more contemptuous. Xiaohui can't stand it, so she quarrels with rabbit mother. The rabbit mother despises Xiaohui. As she points her finger at herself, she pats off Xiaohui's hand and gives a loud warning. Seeing that the rabbit mother is getting more and more angry, Chen Bei quickly pacifies the rabbit mother and advises her to sit down. After sitting down, the rabbit mother continues to abuse Xiaohui. After the big fight, the rabbit mother and Chen Bei leave the restaurant together. Rabbit mother was very angry when she thought that part of the money Chen Bei had borrowed from rabbit mother's father. Chen Bei wrongly said that it was rabbit mother's father who took the initiative to lend him the money.

One of the customers reported that the roof of the restaurant was leaking when eating in his mother's restaurant. After checking, his mother found that it was true and asked for new dishes. The customer was disturbed and decided to check out. Yu's mother's persuasion was useless, so she had to respectfully send the customer out. Then she went upstairs and told the resident that his house was leaking, but the resident didn't take Yu's mother seriously at all, and thought that the leaking of his room had nothing to do with Yu's mother, and said that Yu's mother was nosy. Yu's mother reluctantly went back to the restaurant and told Yu Huxin about it when she came home in the evening. The next day Dou Nan comes to Yu's mother's restaurant and finds that Yu's mother is depressed. Yu's mother tells Dou Nan about the leakage.

Shanshan called Lin Zefeng and said that a group of people broke into the billiards hall and began to smash things in the billiards hall. Lin Zefeng hangs up and talks with Lin Zexiu about it. Lin Zexiu tells him that Lin's mother is ill and hospitalized. Lin Zefeng puts down the billiards hall and rushes to the hospital. After knowing that Yueyue is pregnant, Zhang Haitian finds Yueyue and advises her to live with her. After divorcing with Zhang Haitian, Yueyue doesn't want to see him again, let alone live together. But Zhang Haitian has been pestering her, and Yueyue says that the child is not his. At this time, huolei, who is passing by, comes forward and claims that the child is his. Because of Lin Zefeng, a group of people come to the billiards hall. Chen Bei angrily opens up Lin Zefeng's partnership identity. When Yu Huxin finds out, he angrily asks for Chen Bei's theory. Uncle Liu went to the hospital to see mother Lin and revealed that mother Lin had sold the stall. Lin Zefeng was surprised and asked why. When Lin Zefeng got home, he talked with Yu Huxin about his mother. At this time, someone called him and said that Lin Zexiu had a car accident.