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Plot of 51 episodes of TV series "beacon fire beauty": Li Shaofeng's mental breakdown goes to extrem

Du Yuntang found that Tong Yuwan was fighting with Li Shaofeng, secretly fighting with Li Shaofeng, so when Li Shaofeng found that Du Yuntang was operating behind his back, how would he fight back? What kind of trap will Tong Yuwan encounter next?

Episode 51

Li Shaofeng deliberately pushes his son Chengye with Li Xuemei down in front of ruohuan, pretending to chop the murderer's child to death, so that ruohuan can get rid of the roots and vent his depression. Du ruohuan tries his best to protect Chengye, and asks Shaofeng to let go of this motherless child. Li Shaofeng tries to find out that Du ruohuan doesn't mean any harm to his children, so he can rest assured that he will hand over the inheritance to ruohuan.

Tired and lonely, Li Shaofeng picked up the Buddhist scriptures left by Li Xuemei and began to read them in the middle of the night. When the wind and snow hit again, he began to understand Li Xuemei's sin. But the arrow was already in the string, and it was impossible to stop.

Xu Haobei, the special envoy of Beiyang, was assassinated by stocks and vagrants. At the instigation of Li Shaofeng, the army killed the people, and the Jingbang street became a river of blood. Tong Yuwan and big head Suxi have nowhere to escape.

Zhou Tingchen led the army to revolt and vowed to catch Li Shaofeng and avenge general Shen Zhipei. Li Shaofeng is at a dead end. He wants to use the Tong family's old house to exchange for a chance of survival from mori. He even lets Hongyu cheat Tong Yuwan to the Tong family.

Li Shaofeng is revealed the 'secret' of Qingping's death by Tong Yuwan. He who is timid and does not save his lover is the 'killer' who really killed Qingping.

In a trance, Li Shaofeng hysterically wants to strangle Tong Yuwan. Tong Yuwan's memory is finally completely restored. Before he is dying, he calls him brother Fugen, which wakes up Li Shaofeng's memory of goodness in his heart. He unconsciously releases his hand & hellip; & hellip;.

Hongyu is not willing to let Tong Yuwan go by Li Shaofeng. When she leaves, the gate is set on fire secretly, and the fire spread immediately.

Du Yuntang and Zhou Tingchen come here one after another. Hongyu threatens Du Yuntang with a bomb again to stay away from the sea of fire. Du Yuntang does not hesitate to choose to live and die with his wife. Red Yu, who is desperate and resentful, rings the bomb. In a critical moment, Du Yuntang pushes Zhou Tingchen away, and he is wounded by the fragments of the bomb.

Ruohuan heard that Li Shaofeng was in the burning Tong's old house. He took his child Chengye to the Tong's house, but he was hit by a burning beam and died with a lot of love and resentment for Li Shaofeng.