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14 episodes of zhonghanliang's version of new Tianlong: Qiao Feng's secret life story emerges and Ka

Qiao Feng and Duan Yu meet in the pub. They admire each other's chivalrous spirit, and fight each other to get closer to each other. Therefore, after the fight, they become brothers. At this time, the elder of the beggars' sect thinks that the death of Shaolin monk was caused by Murong Fu, but Qiao Feng stands up to Murong Fu, which makes the elder suspect that Qiao Feng and Murong Fu are in collusion. So, what kind of situation will Qiao Feng face next?

Introduction to Episode 14 of new Tianlong eight:

Bao Butong, together with the troublemakers, started to fight with the beggars' sect. Bao different and the evil storm provoked Qiao Feng, but at this time the beggars' sect gathered around. Qiao Feng's skill is strong, so the storm and Bao are defeated. Although they were defeated, they still admired Qiao Feng's excellent martial arts. Qiao Feng and the other side also cherish each other, so he decided to let them go. Although Qiao Feng agreed, the elder of the beggars' sect didn't want to let these people go. The elder of the beggars' sect insists that Murong Fu is the one who killed Ma Dayuan, but Qiao Feng doesn't agree with this view. And at this time, Quan Guanqing suddenly comes in from outside his home, takes a group of people out, and is guided by Kang min to deliberately embarrass Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng immediately very angry hand, skilled, but did not fight the beggars' sect.

Quan Guanqing and others were shocked by Qiao Feng's skill and did not dare to act rashly. At this time, Xixia general plans to come to revenge, and Qiao Feng is in deep crisis. At the same time, Quan Guanqing tries his best to embarrass Qiao Feng. Although Qiao Feng insists on his innocence, he has no choice but to be falsely accused by the other party. The beggars' sect doesn't know which side is right about Qiao Feng and Quan Guanqing. In the end, Qiao Feng proved his innocence, indicating that he insisted on the right opinion on this matter. At this time, the beggars' sect also understood that they had been deceived and misunderstood Qiao Feng. Song Changlao was ashamed that he had misunderstood Qiao Feng, so he planned to commit suicide. Qiao Feng snatched the dagger, but he was hurt. Qiao Feng said that although the other party is at fault, as the boss of the other party, he should take the responsibility. Qiao Feng reversed the dagger and inserted it into his body, indicating that he was willing to take the punishment instead of the other party. Later, Qiao Feng took the blame on behalf of the elders of the beggars' sect and suffered many injuries. The beggars' sect elders were moved by Qiao Feng's words and deeds and began to change their mind. Qiao Feng said that he was willing to bear the responsibility of the elders and would not blame them, which made the beggars' sect elders very moved.

Quan Guanqing is not moved at all. He insists that Qiao Feng is just pretending to be the leader of the gang. Quan Guanqing thinks that it is impossible for the beggars' sect to fall into the hands of outsiders. Qiao Feng is thoughtful and has no intention when he hears this sentence. However, before Qiao Feng makes a clear inquiry, Bai Shijing says that Quan Guanqing has always talked nonsense. This sentence can't be believed. Qiao Feng agrees with Bai Shijing and plans to expel Quan Guanqing from the beggars' sect. When Quan Guanqing heard that Qiao Feng was going to drive him away, he immediately said that if Qiao Feng drove him away, he would publicize Qiao Feng's identity everywhere. When Qiao Feng heard that the other party had been talking about his identity, he immediately felt very curious and felt that there must be something he didn't know.