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TV drama happy daughter-in-law's growing up is rated as the most bloody heart abuse drama

Mistress of the TV drama is happy to make complaints about her growing up, but the plot of the TV drama has been Tucao by netizens. It is really a white and blind drama name with such a sense of joy and warmth. The play should be more straightforward. It should be called "the little three superior" or "mother-in-law's daughter-in-law's heart abuse." In a word, the biggest bucket of dog blood in history is enough to make people ignore that it should have been a comedy full of small relaxation. The following is the analysis of this TV series dog blood sadistic bridge section.

This year, there are too many family and marriage emotional dramas, but it's rare to see "the growth of a happy daughter-in-law" abuse you from the beginning. Female owner Ye Xiaoyu (GaN Tingting) and male owner Lin Lei (Li Jian) are supposed to celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary happily. Unexpectedly, Xu Qianqian (Dai Jiaoqian), who has been away from the male owner for three years, gets involved (here begins to sprinkle dog blood). When the original mate meets her, her IQ will drop by three grades immediately.

I've seen my original wife go away with a lot of scars and resentment, but I've never seen the mentally retarded one who is forced to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce with tears in his nose after being told a few lies by Xiao San. Ye Xiaoyu and Lin Lei in the play may be the couple whose mother-in-law and daughter-in-law play has developed into a divorce plot the fastest since it was broadcast. Lin Lei's ex-wife, ye Xiaoyu, and his ex-girlfriend, Xu Qianqian, are wavering between each other. In the face of such a plot, he can't help asking, "where is happiness?"?

After listening to Xu Qianqian's lies, ye Xiaoyu really goes to divorce Lin Lei. This setting is not that ye Xiaoyu is kind-hearted. It's just that the screenwriter is too bloody. Ye Xiaoyu, who is a teacher by profession, is so mentally retarded that she has no discrimination ability at all. The plot actually goes on! When Xu Qianqian's several scenes of covering her face and covering her mouth are repeated again and again, the audience should have been shocked I think the air is thin. God editing, God editing, you can learn some other good, but don't learn the Taiwan Heart abuse drama three steps a turn back, five steps a spit blood cutting method!

In two words or three mistress, Xu Qianqian make complaints about the original match. How can Ye Xiaoyu, a daughter-in-law, fight the evil mother-in-law? Finally, when the witchin lady who has been singing for decades has warped the orchid fingers and quarrels with her, the netizens are beginning to fix their own voice.

But in fact, the evil mother-in-law's IQ is low and her EQ is lower. Because of her eccentric and overbearing personality, she forced her husband to Tibet to avoid her, and made her son's daughter-in-law's life a mess. She ran away from home, jumped from a building and pretended to be ill. Every joke made people feel hurt. It's not easy to deal with such a mother-in-law. It seems that if ye Xiaoyu wants to become a good daughter-in-law, he has to be skinned three times first. Director Lin Tianyi is the director who once made "million brides" and "the temptation to go home". What he is good at is to make the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law worse without any relaxation. So in the first half of the play, the heroine Ye Xiaoyu would only wash her face with tears, and was almost swept out by her mother-in-law and "little three" Xu Qianqian.

After watching this for a long time, can't you see that the characters in "happy daughter-in-law" all have a little sense of disobedience? The male owner Lin Lei's brother and sister have two different personalities, one is honest, the other is wild, plus the evil mother-in-law and the kind daughter-in-law. It's really hard for them to feel like a family together. Ye Xiaoyu is often inexplicably mentally retarded and kind-hearted. He also talks to his mother-in-law inexplicably. There is a kind of hope that Xu Qianqian, who lives in the opposite demonstration, will immediately appear the impulse to abuse Ye Xiaoyu. He will stretch out his hand and wake her up. This kind of feeling keeps flashing in the drama. It's really painful.

When it comes to looks, in fact, ye Xiaoyu is more like Xiao San than Xu Qianqian. Gan Tingting, who played Pan Jinlian, suddenly plays a good young woman. She really needs to overdo it. What's more cruel is that Xiao San, who is older than her original mate, is shouting there. How strong is Xu Qianqian's heart to be brave enough to fight with her younger and more beautiful original mate. What's more, this' Junior 'with the attribute of' overseas returnees' actually owes a lot of debt and is abandoned by a married man. Paying back a mouth is money, and opening her eyes is full of bad water. Such a vulgar woman, if the male owner Lin Lei marries her, she will be blind in the world!

Let's look at Lin Lei, the hero in the play. This year, there are a lot of "soft and good men" on the screen. Zhang Yi (the actor of Yuanbao) in spicy mother and Huang Haibo (the actor of sure enough) in get married are all a little bit strict with their wives. Li Jian in happy daughter-in-law is a "persimmon" man who twists his eyebrows and nose as long as he is in a hurry. He is just a kind of man. Wow, this position is absolutely unique Good.

Life is so full of twists and turns, surrounded by God like enemies and pig like teammates, in such a tragic situation, ye Xiaoyu finally became a happy daughter-in-law, attracted the enemy, influenced the 'little three', rescued her husband, and finally the family got along happily, which was quite difficult.

In Chinese marriage, the stories between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law emerge in endlessly. Otherwise, how can we say that if we want to be a good daughter-in-law, we have to peel off the skin first? Only after experiencing the practice of remoulding, can the daughter-in-law achieve success. This is not, the evil mother-in-law and cold feelings of the sister-in-law together, into their own friends, joint external, ye Xiaoyu's IQ finally in a pass to get the promotion and qualitative leap. This day can also live, can taste the sweetness of happiness, otherwise how can it be regarded as growth.