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Plot of 44 episodes of TV series beacon fire beauty: Li Shaofeng's face exposed, Du Yuntang's father

Zhou Tingchen is helping Shen Zhipei to find out the traitor, but Li Shaofeng's mind and behavior of plotting against Zhou Mingchang are discovered by Zhou Tingchen. So what will Zhou Tingchen do for the hypocrite who calls himself brother in front of him?

The story of episode 44

Zhou Tingchen catches up with his father's house and finds that his father has been killed and his house has been burned. He tries to track down the murderer, but Li Shaofeng is the one he sees. Li Shaofeng defends that he is not the murderer, but Zhou Tingchen no longer believes him. Zhou Tingchen believes that whether it is the death of Tong's mother, the assassination of the general, or the appearance of Hongyu, Li Shaofeng is the messenger behind the scenes. Li Shaofeng cut off his finger for Mingzhi. Zhou Tingchen shot Li Shaofeng's finger and cut off his robe completely.

Hongyu kneels down to ask Mrs. Jin to take him in, or he will be killed by the Du family and Zhou Tingchen. It turns out that she is an undercover agent sent by Mrs. Jin to Li Shaofeng. Mrs. Jin gives Hongyu a chance to go back to the Du family and live a noble life.

Luo Hanyuan was captured by the Japanese for escorting the money box and tortured severely. Du Yunwei was sent to visit the scene of Luo Hanyuan's torture by Mori Xialong. He was so scared that his whole body trembled. Du Yunwei sold all the secrets of Du's family.

Du Ruida secretly searches for evidence and finds that Hongyu has an affair with his eldest son Yunwei, and even cooperates with Li Shaofeng. Du Ruida doesn't want to publicize his family's disgrace, so he decides to take Du Yunwei to the general's house to clarify everything. Du Yunwei has to be brave to promise for the safety of Du's family.

Xu Haobei gives Shen Zhipei the report letter of Du Yunwei exposing the Du family, and Shen Zhipei orders to track down the Du family.

Du Yunwei flinches and goes out with his father. Du Ruida and his family tell them to say goodbye one by one, and take Yuwan with them. Du Yuntang wanted to save the Du family by his own way. He fought against Sha Sheng in the stock market, and only he could force Sha Sheng to submit;

Du Ruida passes by the exchange and looks at the door nostalgically. He devoted his whole life to the revolution and never used stocks to revitalize the industry. He hopes Yuwan can have the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong hope.

Morita ryunoichi doesn't want Du Ruida to sabotage his plan. He orders people to run away after Du Ruida is knocked over by a car. Tong Yuwan sees his father-in-law Du Ruida killed by a Japanese car and is in agony.

Du Ruida falls down in front of Tong Yuwan. On his deathbed, he told Tong Yuwan to guard the Du family;

Du Yuntang, who had no idea of his father's death, won Sha Sheng in the stock war. He was just about to tell his father the good news, but he learned that his father had been killed.