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Li Shaofeng nearly shoots Tong Yuwan and Du ruohuan

Story 42 of beacon fire beauty

Li Shaofeng finds out that Tong Yuwan switches Du ruohuan and shoots him to kill him. He is stopped by Shen Zhipei. He has something more important to ask Liu Yan.

Liu Yan finally persuades Shen Zhipei to let go of the Du family, and Tong Yuwan gets away smoothly. Li Xuemei sees Li Shaofeng's dejected appearance and implores Yu Wan to help her brother marry ruohuan. Tong Yuwan finds that Xuemei has a strange feeling for Li Shaofeng.

Li Shaofeng refused to give up. He successfully stopped Du ruohuan's boat at the wharf. Du ruohuan couldn't get rid of his love for Li Shaofeng and waded into Li Shaofeng's arms. Li Shaofeng wants to drink poison to show that he loves Du ruohuan deeply. Du ruohuan is willing to die with Li Shaofeng. Li Shaofeng tells Du ruohuan that there is a good way to make everyone not die & hellip; & hellip;

Li Shaofeng instructs Du ruohuan to kowtow in three steps from the downtown Bund to the Du family, imploring Du Ruida to fulfill her free love with Li Shaofeng. Du's family has become the target of criticism from Shanghai beach. Du Ruida knows that Li Shaofeng is not right, but he loves his daughter, so he has to disobey his heart and agree to get married. Li Shaofeng is closer to his goal and is very proud.

Shen Zhipei suspects that the Japanese spy who assassinated him was a traitor. He asks Zhou Tingchen to investigate the identity of the traitor, and Zhou Tingchen instructs big head to take care of Yu Wan.

Du ruohuan knows that she has failed to live up to the hope of the whole family and gives all her shares to Tong Yuwan. She just wants to be Li Shaofeng's wife.

Li Shaofeng finally becomes a member of the Du family. However, on the wedding night, he is furious to learn that Du ruohuan's shares have been taken away by Tong Yuwan.