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Perfectly logical and reasonable, Zhong Hanliang's version of the eight dragon make complaints about

Make complaints about perfectly logical and reasonable response. Unable to resist sustain the blows of the eight Zhong Hanliang's version of the dragon's dragon, the director responded to Qiao Feng's stepping on the skateboard. The eight dragons were remade.

The eight dragon is the first to broadcast, and netizens collectively make complaints about it, especially in Zhong Hanliang's playing of Joe's Gang, stepping on the skateboard. Duan Yu is too fond of Conan.

In fact, every slot on the Internet is well founded. Director Lai Shuiqing's original design is that Qiao Feng steps on a 'skateboard': 'in previous martial arts films, heroes and swordsmen all jump around. This time, I hope to make some innovations. I think that people living in the snow often use sleds, so let Qiao Feng step on a & lsquo; skateboard & rsquo; to make his appearance both fast and explosive. According to historical records, skateboarding was a means of transportation long before the Song Dynasty, and Qiao Feng's skateboarding was reasonable.

Conan, the best in all the land, make complaints about the "Tucao" of Qiao Feng, who insults the audience's intelligence quotient. He also replied: "Wulin continued to commit murder, pointing to the murderer's head. Qiao Feng logically speculated that the murderer was not Murong Fu. As the leader of the first gang in the world, he could be a low intelligence quotient. This is also reasonable. '

As for the Korean version of Duan Yu, Lai stressed more than once: "the performance of Korean actors is exaggerated. When we designed Duan Yu as a character, it was a little comic, so we designed him to escape Dali because of forced marriage. '

The thunderous ending is ridiculed as a divine comedy

Many young netizens don't know that Liu Jiachang, who is over 70 years old, is a great master of music. He once wrote such classic songs as "dream camel bell", "Meilan Meilan I love you", "deep courtyard", "a curtain of dreams" and "the past can only be recalled", which were all the rage at the end of last century.

But his creative talent seems to stay in that era. As the swordsman movie, Liu Jiachang's singing of the last piece "love me well", the old song arranger and singing method of the seven and 80s of last century, make complaints about the young style that the drama flaunts, and 'in my short life, I can't wait for the sky. If I can't get your hands, I will return my feelings'.

Love me well, the days are numbered. The lyrics have been adapted by netizens to read 'the days are numbered, everyone feel' group forward '. It's true that there are not many days in 2013, but this song "love me well" is once again "Divine Comedy", which makes all the fans cry.

Martial arts fans play in the drama

However, Zhong Hanliang's version of Tianlong Babu is also popular with many martial arts fans. Many martial arts fans said that in the nine episodes currently broadcast, the beggars' sect prevented the alliance between Liao and Xia, took over the leadership of the beggars' sect, won the Taishan conference, Duan Yu fled Dali, met Zhong lingmu Wanqing, revealed his adultery with Madame Ma, killed Ma Dayuan and killed himself. They all respected the original work, and adapted Qiao Feng ' No, and the filmmakers showed how to strengthen the Qiaofeng part during the shooting period. '

And the ninth episode of many plays is to attract martial arts fans: "I feel that the passion of martial arts has been rekindled for a long time. 'in Ke Baisui's hall, Qiao Feng and Murong Fu fight across the curtain, Huang Mei Seng and Duan Yanqing fight, Huang Mei Seng and Duan Zhengming fight with leaves, and the special effects of six pulse sword and eighteen dragon subduing palms are all very exciting.

It is reported that Ma Yucheng, the martial arts director of the new version of "Tianlong Babu", learned from the famous martial arts director Cheng Xiaodong in his early years. His martial arts design inherits the style of Cheng Xiaodong's martial arts dance, with beautiful movements, strong sense of strength, fierce and spectacular. In particular, the design vision of multi crowd fighting is quite considerable.