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Who sang the last song of new Tianlong eight films? What is the title and lyrics of the song?

Make complaints about make complaints about the new eight dragon, but since the start of the TV series, the netizens have been listening to the music. Zhong Hanliang has been playing with skateboards. Zhong Hanliang has been bathing and treating her half naked body. She is not so natural as graceful bearing Duan Yu. Slot.

Zhong Hanliang's 2013 version of "Tianlong Babu" was called "divine drama" just after it was broadcasted, while Liu Jiachang's final song "love me" added another fire to it, becoming the most popular "Divine Comedy" at the end of 2013.

As the last song of wuxia movie, the old arranger and singing method of the song in the last seven and 80s of the last century make complaints about the young style of the drama, but in my short life, I can't wait for the sky. If I can't get your hands, I will return my feelings.

Love me well, the days are numbered. The lyrics have been adapted by netizens to read 'the days are numbered, everyone feel' group forward '. It's true that there are not many days in 2013, but this song "love me well" is once again "Divine Comedy", which makes all the fans scared cry.

Does Mr. Jin Yong know all kinds of slots?

It is almost the only connection between the 2013 version of Tianlong Babu and love me, because Liu Jiachang, the musical genius, has created a martial arts play in the new century, singing the old flavor of the family ethics drama in the 1970s and 1980s.

From the perspective of songs, this love of me is only a reflection of the retro, which at best can only spell with you Liu Jiachang, son Liu Ziqian, who make complaints about you. But as the theme song of Jin Yong's martial arts drama dragon eight, it becomes a fighter in the divine comedy. Qu, does Mr. Jin Yong know? "

More Tucao is pointing to Liu Jiachang, "father, do you make complaints about the calendar before you write a song? Is this song for people in twenty-first Century?" Some netizens also ridiculed Liu Jiachang's current divorce rumors -- "can you write a good love me, time is running out, this type of song, I believe it will not divorce.".

Many young netizens don't know that Liu Jiachang, a great master of music, once wrote such classic songs as "dream camel bell", "Meilan Meilan I love you", "courtyard deep", "a curtain of dreams" and "the past can only be recalled", which were all the rage at the end of last century.

But his creative talent seems to have stayed in that era. In 2011, his son Liu Ziqian's song "Nian you" has been popular among netizens. This time, it's not too unexpected that "love me well" is so well arranged and interpreted.

However, it has been verified that this song "love me well" was released in 2012 in Chai Xinru's version. It can be concluded that it is not tailor-made for "Tianlong Babu", but because the 2013 version of "Tianlong Babu" itself has numerous troughs, and last year's more than 70 years old Liu Jiachang personally sang "love me well", it can only be said that the whole crew is "collective abandonment".

The last song of Zhong Hanliang's edition of Tianlong eight

Love me well / days are running out

There are no flowers that don't fade

Promise under the moon

Let me feel / true or false

Look up at me / tell me if you love me

Please make it clear to me / my silent patience

In my short life / I can't wait in the sky

If I can't hold your hand / I'll take it back