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Did Tong Yuwan have a baby? Boy or girl?

Li Shaofeng wants to poison Tong Yuwan. Li Xuemei tries her best to protect her only friend and tells no one to hurt Du Jiaer Shaonai. On the surface, Li Shaofeng agrees Li Xuemei to give up revenge, but secretly instructs Hongyu to force Tong Yuwan to death.

Hongyu orders Tong Yuwan to be sealed up in the utility room, and the exit is built on the wall. Su Xi risked her life to climb into the wall and live and die with Yu Wan. Seeing that she was about to give birth, Tong Yuwan had no choice but to throw all the things that could be burned in the whole room into the stove, and then sprinkle the ashes on the bed, waiting for the labor to be sterilized.

Knowing that Tong Yuwan is about to give birth, Zhou Tingchen goes over the wall and breaks into Du's house. When Tong Yuwan passed out, he saw the face of his former lover, and his mood fluctuated. He told Zhou Tingchen that he had only loved him in this life. Zhou Tingchen personally delivered Tong Yuwan, and they reached the climax of their emotions in the moment of sharing life and death. However, when Du Yuntang's son was born, they were destined to have no fate.

Tong Yuwan named his child Sitang, refused to die with Zhou Tingchen, and asked Zhou Tingchen to send him back to his mother's home. Zhou Tingchen seemed to fall into hell in an instant. He said frankly that his heart would be broken even if it was a hard stone tablet, and he left sadly.