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Big boss episode 8 plot: Yang Deli monopolizes New Year's painting company, how will Yang Baye solve

Big boss episode 8

Shen Fang told Shen Guanjia his father's two last wishes: first, let Shen Fang have the surname of Shen no matter who she marries and gives birth to, and second, let Shen Fang keep her yard. Yang Deli happily began to print New Year pictures with the lithographic machine Yang Deren bought for him from Japan. Nadasha saw a few new year pictures printed by the lithography machine and saved the cost. She was very worried that the business of Tongde shop would be affected. When Yang Delong learned that, he didn't agree with her and told nadasha the weakness of the lithography machine. Although the lithography machine printed fast, but the quality is low. Yang Delong asked nadasha to raise the price of New Year pictures in Tongde store, preparing to use the high-quality new year pictures in Tongde store to fight against the low-quality and cheap new year pictures in Hengtai store. Yang Deli did not let Yang Tianqiu help him improve the quality of the lithography machine for the immediate interests. All the New Year picture shops in Yangjiabu have closed down because Tongde shop and Hengtai shop take over all the business of New Year pictures. All the men, women and children of Yangjiabu's surname went to ask Yang Baye to open an ancestral temple. Tongde shop and Hengtai shop bullied Yangjiabu's new year painting shop.