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What's the story of sun Honglei's Xiaoxiong?

Earlier, it was revealed on the Internet that sun Honglei's generation of Xiaoxiong is going to be broadcast. The image of sun Honglei in this play is still very popular. What kind of image does she play in the play? What is the plot of the generation of Xiaoxiong?

Synopsis of a generation of Heroes:

In the 1920s, Qingmuchuan in southwest Shaanxi was poor and backward. He Tianxiong, the son of the caravan, finally killed Liu Qingfu to avenge his father. Wei Zhengxian, the former head of the militia, was the enemy of he Tianxiong. He Tianxiong judged the situation and pretended to go to the bandit Wang Sanchun. In the struggle of various forces, he Tianxiong was alone and saved Wei Zhengxian's wife Cheng Lixue. Cheng Lixue felt the beauty and backwardness of Qingmuchuan and decided to stay in Qingmuchuan to teach and open up the wisdom of the people. However, Wei Zhengxian was even more annoyed by his hatred for taking his wife. In the name of suppressing bandits, he provoked the Kuomintang troops stationed in Hanzhong to invade Qingmuchuan. He Tianxiong took the opportunity to sacrifice Wang Sanchun to the government of the Republic of China to avoid the disaster of war. Wei Zhengxian was determined to put all his eggs in one basket and wanted to raze Qingmuchuan to the ground. At the critical moment, he Tianxiong resolutely defected to the PLA and ushered in the peaceful liberation of Qingmuchuan. With the efforts of he Tianxiong, Qingmuchuan was able to avoid the suffering of war in the dark age.