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Plot preview of 12 episode without Thieves: Duan Hu meets his son and encounters a wall will Duan Hu

No thief Episode 12

With the help of Xiangjin and Tian Maolin, Duan Hu opened a small sewing shop.

Duan Hu takes the opportunity to report his work to Qianjin and proposes to take Duan Yi home. Only Duan Hu and Joanna make peace can they take back their children. Duan Hu and Joanna discuss countermeasures.

Duan Hu fawns on Li Yifang, but he is returned with the gift and reprimanded. In a rage, Duan Hu wanted to take back his son and go away, but he didn't succeed. When Duan Hu returned to work in the shop, a couple came to return the goods.