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Four highlights of the story of love

The love affair of Du Chun and Tong Liya has been on air. Since the TV play was on air, four highlights have emerged, and the first part of Du Chun's and Tong Liya's kiss is the biggest highlight. So the following Sihai Xiaobian continues to reveal the other three highlights for you!

Directed by Tan Langchang and Zhu Dongning, the TV series "the little thing about love" will be broadcast alone in the golden section of Zhejiang satellite TV tonight. It brings together powerful mainland actors such as Du Chun, Tong Liya, Zhou Yiwei and Xue Jianing to tell four distinctive but equally romantic love stories with various highlights. In this cold winter, it lights the holy fire of love and warms people in love.

Highlight 1: Du Chun, Zhou Yiwei and Tong Liya are in love triangle

In the play, Lin Zefeng, who is played by Du Chun, is a macho group boy. He is bossy and even arrogant, but he is loved by many girls. Occasionally, he plays tricks to amuse the poor, which becomes his magic weapon to please the girls. Dou Nan, played by Zhou Yiwei, is gentle and affectionate towards girls. He is considerate and gentlemanly, just like a flower protector. Two completely different people fall in love with Yu Huxin, a "sub mature girl" played by Tong Liya. They fight against each other secretly, and even stage a wife snatching drama. Although Zhou Yiwei and Tong Liya entered the wedding hall, they escaped on the spot for various reasons. After a thousand turns, Du Chun and Tong Liya finally got a kiss.

Tong Liya said: 'if I had another choice, I would still choose Du Chun, because this role is more fun and we would be very happy together. When asked what it was like to have a kiss, Du Chun joked: "I'll laugh, because we're too familiar with CHEN Si. As long as we look at each other, we want to laugh. 'on one side, Tong Liya quickly added:' Chen Sicheng said that everyone can kiss, except Du Chun, because we are so familiar with each other! "

Highlight 2: Xue Jianing turns into a poison tongue sweetheart with fragile heart and high EQ

Xue Jianing plays a beautiful, decisive and measured "Bai Fumei" rabbit mother in "the little thing in love". She often plays tricks for her best friend's love, and her sharp language always pokes at the death of love. Such a girl with high EQ has a fragile heart. "I think although mother rabbit is very smart, her heart is very fragile. She is afraid of being hurt. Poisonous tongue is just a way for her to protect herself." Xue Jianing said, "otherwise, she would not be so easily won by a real Xiaobei who has nothing. In fact, a girl like mother rabbit's appearance is stronger than her heart The more vulnerable, the more boys need to care. '

Highlight 3: TVB producer turns to Director

Director Tan Langchang, a former producer of TVB and ATV in Hong Kong, is a well-known filmmaker in the 1990s. Over the past 40 years, many stars have appeared in his plays, including Chow Yun fat, Miao Qiao Wei, Huang Rihua, liming, Zheng Yijian, Michelle, Chen Songling and many other important figures in the performing arts. The cast's modeling is also the highlight of the play. The cast specially invited AI Wen, the special stylist of "struggle" and "what can I do to save you and my love", to design the cast's modeling, which not only pursues freshness and beauty, but also highlights the character characteristics of each character. It's worth mentioning that Tong Liya also shows her modeling talent. Yu Huxin's hairstyles are all designed by Tong Liya according to the needs of the plot: "I think Yu Huxin's role is always rash at the beginning, so I want to use short hair to highlight the character's informal personality. As for the success or failure, it's up to the audience. '

Highlight 4: love story with stars

There are many guest stars in love, including Zhang Xinyu, Dai Jun, Dong Lu and Yuan Wenkang. In addition, nearly 40 stars, such as Huang Xiaoming, Hu Ge, Chen Sicheng, sun Qian, Li Chen, Yu Haoming, Zhong liti and Jiang Yiyan, helped to record their love stories and express their feelings. It is reported that these 'love stories' will also be edited and broadcast together with TV series.